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    New (to me) QP4

    Because one QP is not enough, I thought it would be a good idea to get a second one to keep in my home country-Greece. That's the 2.0 biturbo v6, 6speed manual, likely made in 1997 but registered in 1999.
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    QP IV when this was made?

    Could someone say the production date from the QP chassis/engine numbers?
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    QP headlining refresh

    The headlining of my 15year old QP was losing shape. I did a bit of research on what is available to replace with. There are no original factory parts unless you have a sunroof. There are still parts for cars with sunroof. *The original standard part was overpriced and also not great quality...
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    Trofeo QP review
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    2017 ALFA 4C

    I'm thinking of selling my 4C. It is in pretty good specs and 100% stock. Sparingly used and always garaged.
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    Corsa more expensive than Ferrari

    £6k for 33bhp £63k for 380bhp
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    QPV Ds manual conversion?

    I was watching the latest Harry's garage video reviewing a modified CSL into manual for not a lot of money. Harry's punch line at the end is what else could benefit from such conversion and I can't help thinking possibly the QPV DS. Could it be done though?
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    QPV Battery question

    Looking for a decent new battery for the QPV and as per the manual the correct is "12V 100Ah 850A". Searching for a Varta with that combination, the closest i found is "12V 100Ah 830A". Not sure what the 3rd number stands for to be honest. Would that work or should i keep looking? What have...
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    Is flywheel consumable?

    I understand that occasionally when installing a new clutch (DS system) we change the flywheel as well. Is that because the flywheel get's worned out in some way ?
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    Hampton court concourse

    Some pretty special Maseratis seen and heard today at Hampton Court .
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    Cheap long term storage

    Any suggestion for a cheap long term storage? If I don't sell my car i will SORN and leave for next summer.
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    A bit of salt
  13. Motorsport3

    Set of 2 original leather suitcases
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    QPV homologation

    Hello, I've been trying to find the official classification of my 2005 QPV. Could someone point to me to a link that says if it was a euro 4 car or otherwise ?
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    Oil at sub $15 pb

    And gas station price is still well over £1 /lt which is taxes that appear to be fixed. Also the difference between regular and super is also well over 10-12p /lt, shouldn't that be compressed too? Of course any drop is good for our Italian V8. Pity that we can't use them.
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    Weekend TLC

    This Saturday I've done a couple of small jobs to the car. I took the car to Tony at Wheels in Motion as it needed rear tyres and while at it changed the rear brakes pads and also did suspension alignment. While the rear tyres were pretty uniformly worn and didn't really sought alignment, it...
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    Yet another set of rear tires

    Just ordered another set of rear tires for my QPV. The last set lasted just over 5k miles which is ridiculous as I don't really push the car much to start with. How much do you average?
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    2018 Ducati Monster 821 - Yellow

    Immaculate with just 1,400 miles. Virtually new. Full colour TFT screen and 3 engine and safety modes (Urban, Touring, Sport). Last generation safety electronics (ABS, antis pin, etc). Serviced twice and with dealer warranty, books, receipts etc. Based in London. £6,300 ONO
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    Private plate "Y777MAS" offered for sale

    Not a great fan of private plates in general, my car came with it and thinking of selling. PM me if interested.
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    Roof rack - bicycle transfer

    Hello, I wanted to check if anyone could suggest a set of roof rack for my 05 QPV. I would like to be able to take my bicycle with me to a trip i am planning. Thank you