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    Hi Guys looking for the above as my rear boxes are in need of a renewal at some point. Not in any rush. Anyone has any of the above please fire me a PM Thanks In advance for any help with this
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    Powerflex 3200 antiroll bar bushes launching tomorrow!

    Hi Guys see the Link below they have listened too and done them in black so they look oem. I hope this helps a few people
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    Power Flex developing 3200 front and rear ARB bushes

    Hi Guys Thought I would post this as I think the standard non Assetto bushes are hard to find. Looks like they will be coming soon and they said to keep an eye out on their facebook page and site for details Pretty sure they have done some upper and lower arm bushes front and back too. Thought...
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    Saw this 3200 for sale......hmm

    Hi Guys, I called this 3200 that appeared on autotrader. It looked interesting and given The low miles and low owners i thought maybe worth a look. The seller was helpful and gave me some pics of the underside which was average at best with light surface corrosion on trackrods and arms etc and...
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    Ghibli Cup

    Hi Guys Looking to add a Ghibli cup to sit alongside my gransport. I would ideally like a sub 60k miles car in either rhd or lhd no preference tbh. If anyone has one and is considering selling please message me. Thanks in advance for any help with this search!
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    Sticky buttons on a GS and good results

    Hi This is my first post and thought given that our cars suffer from this issue thought this may helps others. I bought a 18k miles GS some 4 months ago and the car being so low mileage was in very good condition indeed other than the buttons which were sticky so I started looking for solutions...
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    Recent pistonheads buyers guide......running costs 4200???

    Hi Having recently read the pistonheads article, i am now considering a 4200. I was close to buyig a gransport a few years ago but bought a m3 csl, which was great but with 4200 prices now getting close to 12k i still feel its a box i need to tick. My question is this: in the comments of the...