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  1. Oneball

    Car and Bicycle Bits

    Garage tidy and this stuff is going. Anyone interested let me know. Ultegra 11 speed rear cogs and derailleur as new 2 x seat posts carbon and alloy used Carbon road forks used E39 touring rear lights white indicators pre lci used BMW CPS new BMW CD cassette used BMW 4.6 v8 injectors used...
  2. Oneball

    Xenon Headlight Failure

    Anyone ever had a ballast (if that’s the right word) fail on a xenon headlight. D2 bulbs swapped them and the igniter over but still not working so I’m guessing ballast? Does anyone know how to test a ballast?
  3. Oneball


    I’ve decided to no longer be active on here, I’m sure it will please some I have left, and that they have “won” and got their forum back. I find the lack of inclusion for those who are not white, not British and not male to be difficult to stomach, but I have often ignored it. However the...
  4. Oneball

    Head Torches

    Can anyone recommend a head torch? My old miners type with the separate battery has died. I use it whilst spray painting. It needs to be exceptionally bright with a good spread of light. Weight etc is unimportant, as is price to some extent.
  5. Oneball

    Fiat 600 Lotus.

    Thought this might interest a few.
  6. Oneball

    E-Sports: Please Explain

    I watch a fair bit of motorsport on YouTube but for some reason it now thinks I want to watch E-sports too. I don’t get it. Maybe because I didn’t grow up with Nintendo or PlayStation. “Can I beat Bellof’s Nürburgring lap record?” No because you’re sat in your living room. “How fast can I go...
  7. Oneball

    Vent Restoration - Possibility

    Saw this on a mini forum, might be an option for the flaking chrome vents.
  8. Oneball

    Maisto 1/18 Alfa Spider

    Still in box and unopened, some damage to box. £20 incl p&p to mainland U.K.
  9. Oneball

    Garage Dehumidifiers

    Can anyone recommend a dehumidifier for my 6m x 6m garage? It’s not damp in there but I did get some corrosion due to condensation on some bare cylinder heads over the winter that I wasn’t expecting, probably more a function of temp and dew point than being excessively humid.
  10. Oneball

    Will Writing

    I’ve got a bit lost with this looking online. Is there an easy way to put a will together to leave everything to the Ms (we’re not married) that’s legally binding?
  11. Oneball

    Guilia GTA (the new one)

    Is it just me or is this the ugliest car Alfa have made in the last 30 years, what have they done to it?
  12. Oneball

    Holden to be scrapped.

    GM are to get rid of the Holden brand, wonder how long before Vauxhall goes too? GM scraps historic Holden car brand in Australia
  13. Oneball

    QP 3

    Wonder how much this is:
  14. Oneball

    QP Evo on Autotrader.
  15. Oneball

    Atomic T10 Ski Boots size 27.0 UK 8-9

    For the cost of postage or collection and a small charitable donation you can have my old Atomic T10 ski boots. Good nick replaced two years ago due to my feet weirdly changing. Mondopoint 27 which is a U.K. 8-9. Yes I know from previous threads this apparently rather small for a Maserati...
  16. Oneball

    Hotel Recommendation

    Following the sage advise given in the last hotel thread, I thought I’d ask here. It’s coming close to the biennial Christmas at the Inlaws in Deal, Kent. Instead of driving all the way from Worcester in one go I’d thought we’d stop off on the way for a change. So looking for somewhere to...
  17. Oneball

    1974 Kawasaki H1E SOLD

    Following the SM Motorbike thread, I've got my butt into gear and am getting round to selling my 1974 Kawasaki H1E. The missus is over the moon! This is last of the full power triples before they were de-tuned. It was originally a US bike and was imported to this country a few years ago, the...
  18. Oneball

    Importing a Car from the US

    Does anyone know what duty is payable on a 1960s car imported to this country from the USA? My google foo has let me down and I keep coming up with conflicting information. Cheers Tim
  19. Oneball

    Workshop Manuals Various ALL GONE

    I'm having a tidy and would like these gone but just chucking them seems wrong. All prices exclude postage, I'll be at a number of race and hillclimbs throughout the year so you can also collect. Prices reflect my idea of what their worth, beer accepted in lieu. Jaguar repair operation...
  20. Oneball

    Replacement for the 3200

    With the Maser gone and summer arriving, possibly, I’ve bought a replacement. Couldn’t bring myself to have another Maserati just yet so discounted a GranTurismo, decided against a Boxster and couldn’t really afford a late enough 911. Time for a convertible again me thinks so I’ve gone for the...