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  1. mike1

    Should I get a QPV, QP6 or Ghibli next?

    I had a QPV 4.7 followed by a QPVI 3.8 which is currently for sale. IMO the QPVI is by far the better car if only that is better equipped and improves overall performance. I used it every day and generally had no problem with the size.
  2. mike1

    Classic Motor Hub and Hotel Meet!! 21st May!!

    Mike1 + 1
  3. mike1


    Congrats Matt I joined in 2011. That time passed incredibly quickly
  4. mike1

    One car you wished you had never sold

    Impreza P1 great car. Should have kept it
  5. mike1


    I live about 6 miles away. let me know if I can be of help
  6. mike1

    Maserati Reactions

    Locals must be shy around here. Nobody came to look!!
  7. mike1

    Factory Tour - who's done this?

    Not sure you need to book via a dealer. I contacted the factory direct and have a confirmation for a visit in September.
  8. mike1

    Brooklands Italian show

    I’m in mike1
  9. mike1

    Am I wrong to love this?

    It is called quartz dolomite. This looks my very first Maserati. The photo doesn’t do it justice
  10. mike1

    MOB - My Story

    Thanks for the pictures. Sorry I couldn’t make the trip. Hopefully next year.
  11. mike1

    QPV Centurion Edition

    Is this what you are looking for. It's one of 100 mike1
  12. mike1

    The road to Le Mans 2018

    When I drove past yesterday the burger van was missing!! Mike1
  13. mike1

    Maseratis - Spotted

    Red Grandsport at Bishops Waltham this evening. Thought it was someone on here but rude b*gger ignored me. Mike1
  14. mike1

    Pictures please Guys and Girls.

    And now it’s shrunk
  15. mike1

    Pictures please Guys and Girls.

    Hope this works
  16. mike1

    The road to Le Mans 2018

    Don't know about a newbie but you add 2 please Mike1
  17. mike1

    Auto Italia, Brooklands 2017

    Tickets booked. See you there. Mike1
  18. mike1

    Viva España! 2017 Euro Trip

    Matt Can you add me and Mrs Wright please. Happy New Year to everybody. Mike1
  19. mike1

    Source - 90th Anniversary Spyder manuals ?

    Hi Tom Welcome from the only 90th anniversary member. Good to have another of these rare cars along. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. They do have their own handbook as shown below. Whilst the front is special I don't know if the content is different. Let me know if I can help in any way. Mike1
  20. mike1

    Ace Cafe Sep 8th!!

    Sorry can't make this one. In Italy for the Grand Prix Mike1