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  1. safrane

    Joining the electric car club

    What's wrong with the passenger side?.. Not scraped it already? :)
  2. safrane

    Ghibli Cup for sale 22/7/21

    Not sure if this has been discussed.
  3. safrane

    How brave do you feel?

    Here's my clapped out and unloved Ferrari that was left outside my council house some years back because I can't afford to run it.... want loads of money for it as its a classic... yep!
  4. safrane

    New Granturismo

    Surely those 'spies' must have ears?...
  5. safrane

    Blue F40

    Paint is so thin on the original cars you can see the carbon fiber weave, soany respray sports that effect. Some further history here on paint shades.
  6. safrane

    Non-Italian barges

    Wierd photos... was he scared to get close?
  7. safrane

    Looking for a Blu Nettuno GS

    It was checked out by a forum member, but they were not happy to other details.
  8. safrane

    Just Jane

    The Lake District rumours are just urban legends... yes they made them on Lake Windermere under licence but that's all.
  9. safrane

    Mental health

    Always good to talk Scaf.
  10. safrane

    QPV pre-purchase check results

    Get a view from SI re the rot.
  11. safrane

    Lake District food/drink recommendations please

    Not an area of Cumbria I know as I tend to stay away from Sellafield. However you could do a couple of the passes over into the National Park and get to some fine places; Cartmel has two michelin star restaurants, E'clume and also Rogan and Co Dog and Gun in the North towards the M6 at Skelton...
  12. safrane

    Importing a Car from the US

    Not sure if you are going to put any lettering or stickers on the car, but if so you could cover the spoiler in a PVC wrap to match the main logos.
  13. safrane

    Pic of the day

    Surprised that some looney has not parked inches away from it... always happens to me at Tesco!
  14. safrane

    Quattroporte Vs Listed For Sale

    No one will admit to being that's heaps Father!
  15. safrane

    F1 Qualifying.

    Indeed... almost as galling in the fact that Cat and Horse excrement is considered as acceptable to leave on the roads, pavement and your neighbours garden.
  16. safrane

    ULEZ is expanding

    They are coming to a city near you; Aberdeen LEZ 2020 Bath CAZ for commercial vehicles 2020 Brighton ban on all passenger vehicles 2023 Bristol ban on diesel date TBC Cambridge CAZ TBC Cardiff CAZ and £2 for non residents TBC Derby CAZ and traffic management TBC Dundee LEZ and ban on <E4 2020...
  17. safrane

    F1 Qualifying.
  18. safrane

    F1 Qualifying.

    Outside of the major cities Phil I agree... but Paris and the like can be just as bad (discounted the tourist hotspots).. but as you say outside of those most places are spotless
  19. safrane

    Quattroporte Vs Listed For Sale

    Why has the boot lid been left on the bonnet?...if it slips it could leave a nasty scratch!
  20. safrane

    No oil pressure today - possible oil pump failure!

    Voicey should be able to give us a low down if the two can be swapped.