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    Stradale Ceramic Coating

    Despite the low miles on the Touring Grey Stradale, I already got SportsItalia to sympathetically rustproof the underside and vulnerable areas as well as all fluids change, and now just completed a ceramic coating for paint protection. Went with an Italian product as opposed to my usual Feynlab...
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    4200 Spyder

    Fresh to market? Probably not since I have not been looking...
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    Lots of us love a V12 Aston Martin.....

    How about a DB9 in Toro Red with just 14K miles? We have one for sale, very lovely thing it is to...
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    Whilst I am not a fan of modifying cars this way, this is sad to hear (announcement on home page).....
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    Anyone on here take this on...?

    Just curious
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    EVO Article

    Nothing new other than confirming : Starting in late 2020, Maserati will commence production of its all-new petrol-powered super sports car based on the Alfieri concept shown way back in 2014. This model will be built in Modena alongside an update to Maserati’s central plant to facilitate the...
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    Retro Audis

    Not sure if there is any love for 90s 5-Cylinder Audis on here? Here is a picture I just found taken in around 1994 of five Audis we had in the family at the time. All purchased new or ex-demo. When new car models come out today there is often lot of grumbling and discussion around whether it...
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    Dick Lovett Swindon – Official Maserati Representation to end

    As of December 1st Not a great surprise to me based on conversations over the past year or so.
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    2010 Grancabrio Questions

    Some questions for the wise collective here... If I were looking at a MY10 Grancabrio (UK version) can someone confirm there was just the one version available in that (first) year of production? No MC or Sport versions were available in 2010? There was only ever the ZF Auto in Grancabrio...
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    SOLD: 4 Ton, 2 Post, Single Phase, Ramp Lift £2100 or near offers. You can PM me for any more info. Located Newbury. It is fully working and we can put you in touch with a very helpful and reasonable installation guy if required
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    Mille Miglia

    Well if you are going to do the Mille Miglia then do it in style...
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    Is this an April Fool?

    And if not what of the Alfieri or why aren't Maserati making this?
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    Wireless Tyre Pressure Monitor

    Has anyone installed one of these wireless tpms? The ones where you just replace the valve caps (but not the ones where they corrode themselves to the valve stems) and preferably with an Android App? Seems to be loads available some cheap, some not and I would rather select something others...
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    SOLD - Gransport H-Pipe

    Gransport H-Pipe for sale. Very little use (and I assume would also fit a 4200). The H-Pipe would need to be collected from Emblem in Poole (who I am sure would be happy to fit it while you wait for a reasonable price if that suited). Asking £250 but open to offers. PM me here. EDIT: Now sold...
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    Microwave Oven Sets off Car Alarm

    So, my microwave oven reliably and repeatedly sets off my Maserati (2007 GS) car alarm! Did a bit of research and apparently it is a thing with several makes and models. Who knew? All those GigaHertz flying around (and through solid walls and metal and glass).
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    Grumbling Air-Con

    Gransport - Noticed sat in traffic today a 'grumbling' noise that seems directly attributable to the air-con compressor in that it disappeared if I turned the climate control off or pressed the 'Econ' button. Can I assume it is a noise of some impending doom, bearings or something, or is such a...
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    GS Non-Start

    So I had the dreaded flat battery on the GS today (it is relatively new and I thought charged when left 2 weeks ago so a bit surprising even with the cold spell). Not even enough juice to open the doors with the remote. Was able to get into boot with mechanical key. (Before anyone suggests it I...
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    Ready for some daily action.........

    7 months in my GS and I have covered 3,000 miles so it is now knocking on the door of 70K but with full and timely service history and most of the major stuff that inevitably goes on these cars done (though that is not to say it won't need doing again since these cars achilles heels do seem to...
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    FOR SALE: 19" Maserati GranSport OEM Grigio Mercury Wheels

    This is a bit of a long shot, but I like a creative deal which may help both parties..... My car is going in to Dick Lovett Swindon February 26 - March 2 during which time I will be having 4 new wheels fitted (I prefer good old-fashioned steel wheels on a black car). This leaves 4 off 19"...
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    Isolating the Battery - what to do when reconnecting?

    My GS is having the front seats removed to be refurbished soon and I will isolate the battery before disconnecting the wiring looms to them (and then reconnect the wiring before reconnecting the battery). The battery will be isolated for about 5 days. My question is on reconnecting I...