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  1. zagatoes30

    4.24 Saloon

    Unusual thing to pop up in Ireland a 4.24 Saloon which I think was an Italian only model, given the VRT that would have been required to get this on Irish plates back in the past price here doesn't seem to OTT but condition will be everything...
  2. zagatoes30

    Silverstone Grand Prix - Wall of Fame

    Been thinking about what to put on the massive double height wall we have in our hallway, as we use to live in Silverstone we thought something to remind us. So we have started to put together a wall of fame, we have a number of signed images of F1 drivers all who have competed at Silverstone so...
  3. zagatoes30

    Office Coffee Machine

    As per the Good Morning thread, thinking of getting a coffee machine for the office we already have a nice Gaggia in the kitchen but thinking something quick and simple maybe a pod type machine. Knowing most of you lot are fuelled by petrol of coffee I wondered if anyone has any recommendations?
  4. zagatoes30

    Chuck Yeager - RIP

    Who says test pilots have short lives, first person to break the sound barrier although I have read the US had a fair bit of help from the UK boffins to make it possible
  5. zagatoes30

    Garage Lifts (Ramps)

    Similar to the thread on tilt lifts looking for the expertise of the forum on this. For the new garage build I have the space to put in two lifts / ramps but am undecided on the type of ramp to put in. Primarily the ramps will be used for storage as opposed to maintenance and my mind was to put...
  6. zagatoes30

    Guy Croft - RIP

    Sad to hear Guy Croft passed away earlier today, in the world of Fiat twin cams he was engine builder extraordinaire if some what forthright in his views.
  7. zagatoes30

    166 V6 Ti

    I have been looking for the rarest of 16 models for sometime , the 166 V6 Ti was had the very last 3.2 24V V6 Busso engine, mated to a 6 speed gearbox and IMO is one of the best performance executive saloons, there were reported to only been 36 imports into the UK so finding one is like finding...
  8. zagatoes30

    Irish QP 5

    They don't come up to often over here and on the face of it this doesn't sound silly money for Irish pricing
  9. zagatoes30

    Bulldog coming back to bite

    I see the AM bulldog is being restored, I remember seeing this at some AM marketing event, Chester I think, it certainly was different AM Bulldog
  10. zagatoes30

    Rally Legends

    Yesterday had the opportunity to visit a private collection of rally cars, unfotutantely no phots but this is the list that was there:- Ex Works Lancia Stratos Ex Works 037 037 Evo 2 Stradale Ex Works Lancia Integrale 8V Ex Works Peugeot T16 - Press car Ford Escort Mk2 BDG - Roger Clark...
  11. zagatoes30

    Alan Parker - RIP

    Sad to hear of his loss, Midnight Express & Mississippi Burning two of my favourite films
  12. zagatoes30

    Happy Birthday A.L.F.A.

    110 years ago to day Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili was founded in Milan, shortened to A.L.F.A and later renamed Alfa Romeo they went on to produce some of the most exotic and performance inspired cars of the day before moving to mass production in the 50s but still retaining that ALFA...
  13. zagatoes30

    Alfa 164 Q4

    Pretty close to my ultimate everyday driver, a 164 Q4 Japanese import with lowish mileage all going well until I noticed who the seller is :( 201809100337505
  14. zagatoes30

    Classics for Carers

    Not doing this in Ireland but I thought I would prepare mine for tomorrow anyway.
  15. zagatoes30

    Alfa 155 Q4

    Something a bit different only 19 originally imported into the UK and this one has had a lot of work done to it 1994-alfa-romeo-cloverleaf-integrale
  16. zagatoes30


    Well decided as we might be stuck at home for some time to get the Scalextric out, first checking out all the Italians
  17. zagatoes30

    Russell Brookes Memorial Rally

    Probably of little use to anyone not in Ireland but Wexford Car Club have arranged this for the Easter weekend, they have got a fair few ex Russell Brookes and other Circuit of Ireland cars turning up for both the static event on the Sunday and the Drive on the Sunday. Perfect opportunity to...
  18. zagatoes30

    Remote Lawnmowers

    Seems like we have some of those remote lawnmowers cutting the front grass this morning
  19. zagatoes30

    Stars well not quite

    This morning I noticed a something strange in the sky which looked like a single straight line of stars, evener stranger they were moving slowly in the same direction, I tried to take a photo but although it shows the phenomena it is too faint to post. A bit of googling suggests that it might...
  20. zagatoes30

    Formula 1

    So the cars have all been launched and we are now 2 days in to the first test session. As normal these things tell us very little but it interesting to see who brings what to the party. Initially it looks like Williams have a car that might be capable of staying on the same timing sheet as the...