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    Down newbie

    H’mm! Food for thought. Thanks for the heads up.
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    Internet booster

    We live right out in the sticks. Our rats and mice must be stupider, hungrier or just more numerous than yours.
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    US Civil War

    I’ve only two things to add to all the highly apposite responses above: the cult of individual responsibility is very strong in ‘murica. They don’t much go for societal/collective responsibility. As a consequence a significant proportion of the population live in mortal fear of socialism or...
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    Internet booster

    We have used 3 different types of wi fi extender in the past: hard wired cable. Good but prone to rodent damage piggy backing on the electrical ring main. Good, as long as you don’t try to plug either adaptor into a spur off the ring - it just won’t work mesh system. Very good, both in terms of...
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    Are you worried yet.

    The Oxford jab approval should make a big difference to the speed of roll out of the vaccination programme, as long as the manufacturing capacity is there - not just for the medication but also for the ancillaries such as vials, needles and syringes etc. The key difference is the ease of...
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    warm up?

    I run my lot with the air conditioning on for at least 10 minutes - stops the AC seals drying out, or so I’ve read. Also puts a bit of load on the engine. If the vehicle isn’t on “tyre trainers”, I run it around the yard a bit. This loads the engine and reduces the risk of ovalising the tyres...
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    Cars that should do well over the next 10years

    I’m becoming increasingly sanguine about the 2030 ban on new I.C.E. sales. There will still be enthusiasts like us around to prop up the secondhand market for anything interesting, aesthetically or from a sporting or engineering point of view. Anything with character, soul and passion. And...
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    Maserati owners list.....please add your Maserati!

    Merak SS: 1 Belfry Khamsin: 1 Khamsin433 Bora: 1 Team CGR Merak: 1 Pete BiTurbo: 2 Outrun, Bonnett 2.24v Biturbo Spyder Zagato: 4 Cedfred, Needamaser, Minardirule, Marco07 Shamal: 1 Merak_SS Ghibli: 5 Simon M, JDB, spacecadet, Hurricane52, Bonnett Ghibli GT: 3 Malc, Ian Roberts, Rcw13...
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    Brexit Deal

    I can’t order seeds from my usual G.B. supplier for delivery here in N.I. Something to do with difficulties around phyto-sanitary certificates. So much for Gove’s assertion that N.I. will have the best of both worlds!
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    Office Coffee Machine

    I’ve had a Delonghi Magnifica for 15 years and it has run faultlessly. Oh dear, such hubris will probably mean I’ve given it the kiss of death! Bean to cup is my choice as there’s a specialist coffee merchant near us who roasts on site and will deliver within 48 hours of ordering on line...
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    What car after QPV?

    If you can stand the potential for warning light lucky dip, how about an Alfa Giulia QF? Or have they now sorted the reliability by lengthening the wiring loom? As a real left field entry, how about a VW Phaeton? Same engine as in the 12 cylinder Bentleys. Or a Lancia Thema 8.32? Seriously...
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    US Election

    If Trump wins, what’s the betting he’ll try to amend the law so that he can be “President for Life”, or for a third term at the very least?
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    Midlife crises

    Hmm, think l prefer the moustache to a marathon. If you don’t count a beard then I already have a ‘tache. So, two out of four. There’s no way I could get away with the other two though.
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    Midlife crises

    Signs are said to include: marathons motorcycles mistresses Maseratis Oh well, one out of four ain’t bad.
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    Proof of purchase

    My wife is likely to need a hip replacement - once this Covid business eases off. I must remember to ask the surgeon to show us the original before we pay his bill.
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    Please take this Maserati survey

    Finished, as best I can, having not a clue about Cadillacs.
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    Down newbie

    Thanks very much for the tip about Beechill. Now, can anyone give me the name of a rust proofer in Ireland they’re happy to recommend? With regard to the rain, at least it greens up the grass.
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    Down newbie

    This is a configurator image from Maserati’s website but it’s exactly the same as my car. No available photos of mine thanks to the incessant rain . The only modification I’ve made is to have PPF applied to the front as far back as the A pillars. I optioned the sill PPF from the factory. The car...
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    Down newbie

    Thanks for your replies. The only upside about winter on the Ards is that it rarely snows and we have less rain than nearly anywhere else in Ireland - certainly less than Cumbria!
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    Down newbie

    Thanks for the pics. I’m positively salivating at the sight of so much automotive exotica!