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    Suspension knocking

    Got a knocking sound on my 2009 Granturismo 4.7s, seemingly coming from front driver's side when cornering quite hard left, so load on driver's side. Had all lower and upper wishbone bushes and front springs replaced last summer and only done 2K miles since. Handling still seems fine and not...
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    Creaking drivers seat

    I've had my 2009 Granturismo 4.7S for just over a year now and have finally decided that the totally annoying creaking sound from inside the car is coming from the drivers seat. Amazing how tricky it is actually trying to pin down where the sound has been coming from. I was convinced it was from...
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    Squeaking from rear left wheel

    Had an advisory on my MOT about EPB just passing. Seems it wasn't that good on the passenger side. That was a few months ago. Since then I've noticed a squealing sound coming from the rear wheel on that side when I drive forward atg first starting off. It doesn't make the sound when I reverse...
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    Steering Wheel or Column Creaking

    The steering wheel (or steering column?) on my 2009 Granturismo 4.7S creaks pretty much all the time. It's not just when it's hot weather or when I turn the wheel but even creaks when going over small bumps etc. If I push on the wheel it seems to stop it. It I don't push it starts again. Any...
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    Geometry set up

    I've recently had Dale replace front springs, and wishbone and shock bushes on my 2009 Maserati Granturismo 4.7S. I took the car to a local sports car specialist to check and adjust the geometry. This is something I know absolutely nothing about, so just wondering if someone can shed some light...
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    Geometry set up recommendation Cambs/Beds

    Just had my totally shot front suspension wishbone and shock bushes replaced and seems a good idea to get the wheel alignment/geometry sorted too. Any recommendations for where to go in Cambs/Beds area? I see great things written about Wheels in Motion and I've also seen Northampton Motorsport...
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    Front bumper side grills

    One of the small side wire grills on the front bumper of my 2009 Granturismo S appears to need sticking back in place. About half of it doesn't seem to be attached. Seems previous owner or garage had double sided taped it but that's had it. Any suggestions for how best to stick this back in...
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    Detailing in Cambs, Beds or Pboro?

    Hi, anyone know of a first rate detailer around the Cambs, Beds, Pboro area? I've cleaned, polished etc but still nowhere up to what a proper detailer can do. I'm looking to give my 2009 4.7 GTS a birthday present!
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    Nero Carbonio touch up paint

    So, still not quite run out of car improvement jobs during lockdown. I've got a few stone chips to sort on my 2009 Granturismo 4.7S in 'nero carbonio'. I need some touch up paint but in the past for my Alfas I always bought off the internet rather than dealer. Internet searches seem a little...
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    Granturismo handbrake issue

    Recently had the MOT done on my 2009 Granturismo 4.7S auto. All fine except the tester said the handbrake only just passed. He said that the left hand/passenger side didn't seem to be working properly. Is this an easy thing for me to look at or..... Cheers, Nigel
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    Removing Granturismo Front Bumper

    Hi, I'm sure it'll be on here somewhere or some kind soul can tell me what needs doing.....with all this time on my hands (like many of us currently!?!) I'm going to replace front parking sensors on my 2009 Granturismo S auto. They've been playing up ever since I bought it. I believe this will...
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    Replacing front emblem

    I've got a faded blue/red emblem on top of the front of my 2009 Maserati Granturismo Sport. I have the new part but having investigated today, it looks a bit trickier than I thought it might be to replace. Do I need to take out the grille to get access to the emblem nut underneath or is there a...
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    Headunit removal

    Do I need any special headunit removal tools to get it out of my 2009 Granturismo 4.7S or can you use any cheap Halfords/Ebay versions? I want to look to have a play with the CD player and possibly turn up the potentiometer a little, as the player doesn't always read and play CDs.
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    Downloading music to the jukebox query

    I'm using my laid up time to finally get around to uploading music to the jukebox in my 2009 GTS. It takes ages to upload from a memory stick. Is it okay to upload with the engine not running or will this drain the battery? Cheers, Nigel
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    Rear fog light not working

    A couple of days ago got a 'check rear fog light' warning on the dash of my 2009 Granturismo 4.7S. Sure enough, checked and rear left side not working. Bought a new bulb, swapped over, but still not working. So, since I've swapped the 3 bulbs I now have between the 2 rear fog lights and even...
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    Granturismo Bonnet badge/emblem

    My 2009 Granturismo S bonnet badge/emblem looks a little faded and I'm interested in getting a replacement. Any recommendations about where best to source this part in the UK? Cheers, Nigel
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    Parking help unavailable message

    Got an intermittent issue with my parking sensors on my 2009 4.7 GTS. After a few days of heavy rain, when I put car in reverse I get the yellow warning message, 'parking help unavailable'. No parking sensors work. Turn engine off and restart, front sensors seem fine. Into reverse, same message...
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    Flat battery and boot won't open at all

    Hi, got woken up by my 2009 4.7 GTS last night with the alarm going off. Whatever I tried with the fob I couldn't disarm it nor open the car manually with the key. After 15 minutes it stopped. This morning, Christmas tree of lights and no turn over. Seemed a flat battery. AA out and he got the...
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    GTS 2009 radio removal

    Hi, trying to remove the radio in my 2009 Granturismo 4.7S to check for a loose connection. I got a standard radio removal tool from Halfords which seems almost to fit/work but not quite. I'm pulling and there's soime give but no radio coming out. Is there anything I need to do or is it just a...
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    Headlining replacement

    The headlining on my 2009 Granturismo needs replacing. Saggy in many places and foam underneath almost certainly perished. Has anyone had this done recently an, if so, what sort of cost am I looking at? Thanks.