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  1. zagatoes30

    Ferrari F430 - Richard Grace Cars Ltd

    Not surprised you are happy with the 430, like all Richards cars it looked stunning and buying on his reputation unseen is as safe as you are going to get. Enjoy not that you will need any encouragement there
  2. zagatoes30

    The good morning thread

    Morning all, Fulvia arrived home yesterday and it's so good to get to use her again. Children have nominated it as school taxi so she should get quire a few little runs
  3. zagatoes30

    Pic of the day

    Similar plan, the guy down the road, where this photo, was taken buys them cheap and builds exactly that. He is a big Italian petrolhead so has agreed to help me build a Pizza / Coffee bar for the garden and local car club events
  4. zagatoes30

    Pic of the day

    Saw a van giving birth this morning, mother and baby doing fine
  5. zagatoes30

    The good morning thread

    Morning all, only day 2 and its hump day already - there is something to be said about 4 day weeks maybe time for a chat with my boss
  6. zagatoes30

    The good morning thread

    Morning all, new starter on the team today so an already busy day is now filled with induction sessions too. Other good news jab registration day so hopefully by end of day I will know when I am going to get the micro chip injected so that I can be monitored and controlled by the alien invasion...
  7. zagatoes30

    F1 Qualifying.

    Red Bull are certainly closer to Mercedes this year and I suspect some circuits will suit one car or the other, should be good to watch them battle out over the season there is no room for mistakes from either drivers or the pit strategists looking to be a close season. Perez seems to be much...
  8. zagatoes30

    Pic of the day

    Always Jam first and anyone who thinks differently is just wrong
  9. zagatoes30

    Pic of the day

    Always loved these they were so ahead of their time
  10. zagatoes30

    The good morning thread

    Morning all, typical BH Monday chucking it down Congrats Mr & Mrs Matt
  11. zagatoes30

    The good morning thread

    Morning all, dragging the family out for a walk around JFK Arboretum and then back for the GP (F1 & Moto)
  12. zagatoes30

    SM Audiophiles?

    Last week received an unexpected bonus from work so a decision that had been pending was made so time to dust off the vinyl Rega Planar 6 with Ania Pro MC cartridge
  13. zagatoes30

    Dicky’s Ghibli on Pistonheads brave pill.

    Reasonable, it does look a lovely car but then don't all of Dicky's
  14. zagatoes30

    2021 weight loss and fitness accountability club

    Started the year at 15St 7lbs and set off at the beginning of February with 3 goals Lose a stone Get under 200lbs Hit 13St 7lb by Le Mans This morning happy that goals 1 & 2 have been achieved, even happier as this achievement isn't linked to cutting out alcohol. I have gone for a more...
  15. zagatoes30

    Anyone had the jab yet?

    Ireland slowly catching up, 50-59 range can book from Tuesday so hopefully first jab in a couple of weeks
  16. zagatoes30

    The good morning thread

    Morning all, still no eat out option here although 50-59 year olds can book vaccinations from Tuesday which will cover Mrs Z and myself. Nothing much planned for the weekend although there is a lot of Motorsport to watch
  17. zagatoes30

    Would you?

    Looks nice in there photos, assuming it is structurally sound and the price is right go for it, you might need to spend a few quid but these are awesome cars when right and given the way average to bad ones are falling further good ones will be appreciated in years to come
  18. zagatoes30


    Xenons have headlight wash wipe and they were OK, I wouldn't say great though but useable
  19. zagatoes30

    The good morning thread

    Morning all, I always hate these 3 days so sad for anyone who likes motor racing - those that shine the brightest shine for such a short time RIP - Legends Roland Ratzenberger - 4 July 1960 – 30 April 1994 Ayrton Senna - 21 March 1960 – 1 May 1994 Attilio Bettega - 9 February 1953 – 2 May 1985...
  20. zagatoes30

    The good morning thread

    Morning all, looks another great day so need to squeeze bike ride and exercise in between the meeting schedule