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  1. philw696

    Stuff you've found on TV worth watching

    Agatha Raisin very funny.
  2. philw696


    Certainly does :)
  3. philw696

    Are you worried yet.

  4. philw696

    New to me Ghibli

    How long has it been for sale ? Probably from starting it to move around and not driven up to temperature. If it's really thin change it otherwise it will disappear from driving.
  5. philw696

    Pic of the day

    Ideally wants sonic cleaning as it's been stored out of a box for a few years and he hasn't given me a job card yet :)
  6. philw696


    You tried a Renault 4 yet here in France ? That will sharpen you up ;)
  7. philw696

    What you drinking now?

    You need another bottle Andy :)
  8. philw696

    Pic of the day

    It's quite dusty and a little stiff but looks okay.
  9. philw696

    This Hurt

    I have a niece in the UK who went from being a normal teenager into anorexia and has tried to take her life numerous times even being institutionalized for the last 15 years. It's heartbreaking and I don't think she will get better sadly. What the answer is i really don't know.
  10. philw696

    Pic of the day

    Monkey tail beard :)
  11. philw696

    Pic of the day

    Loved my 2.8i Capri and my Mk1 Sciroccos back in the 80's.
  12. philw696

    A few of us on here like a little French car

    Good Effort :)
  13. philw696

    This Hurt

    Well after reading all this I'm glad I still use an insurance broker. When self employed in the UK i had three road accidents in customers cars not my fault but both expensive and one act of vandalism done to my wife's car. All were dealt with painlessly by my independent broker.
  14. philw696

    2021 weight loss and fitness accountability club

    As we're similar in age i was interested as I'm stuck at 90kg and 6ft 2
  15. philw696

    2021 weight loss and fitness accountability club

    How tall are you @JonW ?
  16. philw696

    This Hurt

    So Peter @safrane really doesn't need a Volvo.
  17. philw696

    Brexit Deal
  18. philw696

    Saw this 3200 for sale......hmm

    Have to agree @alfatwo Dave's 3200 has to be one of the best still used on the planet. We all know that he is a highly skilled guy and that his car is the one to take a look at if you're after a manual 3200.
  19. philw696

    Capitalism or fraud?

    You always need the service book backed up with the detailed invoices to have a proper service history.
  20. philw696

    Getting an idea what to look for

    It will be a wet sump engine.