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  1. Zep

    Exhaust Valve Control Mod (how to)

    Yes, the issue with the joyous U.K. weather is that the valves corrode in position, making reversal difficult. Namaste mentioned the issue of codes being thrown in the post, this avoids any issues there. Voicey did the install on Beb’s car.
  2. Zep

    What you drinking now?

    I imagine that is very, very nice.
  3. Zep

    Exhaust Valve Control Mod (how to)

    Welcome to the forum. These devices have been mentioned elsewhere in the thread, this is for folks who have a desire to do it themselves.
  4. Zep

    Quattroporte Vs Listed For Sale

    Nice idea. Let’s see how that works out! :lol2:
  5. Zep

    This Hurt

    It would be helpful if they used different numbers for the good and bad ones!
  6. Zep

    A new magazine - Strada

    I’ve been working my way through the first edition. The quality is amazing and the writing very good. Particularly enjoyed the RS500 piece. Nice one @Nayf
  7. Zep

    Getting an idea what to look for

    Can’t argue with your examples, but on the other side are Porsche IMS bearings, rusty Jaguar F types, VW diesel gate and numerous others. It would be fair to say it’s a mixed bag, not just a Maserati issue. A corporate thing, risk vs reward vs customer service.
  8. Zep

    Saw this 3200 for sale......hmm

    Well, I think that has cornered the 3200 market for a while. I doubt there is a better one.
  9. Zep

    Supercar Fest - The Runway 30th May

    Zep Rob (rs48635) Gary (Gazcw) Daryl (Mr S) Mark (Lavazza) Stanley (Slay) Mark (MarkMas) Stephe (Ebenezer) Has (LeicesterMinster) Giorgio? Rockits?
  10. Zep

    This Hurt

    Oh ****! All ok I hope?
  11. Zep

    Getting an idea what to look for

    The cam cap mods are not just done by Maserati, there are other routes here in the U.K, and by the sounds of it, in the US too. I don’t agree that a major manufacturer would have stood up and done it. There are plenty of examples of other manufacturers sliding out if fixing known issues. But it...
  12. Zep

    Saw this 3200 for sale......hmm

    Terry Tibbs would like it! It’s a shame it has been run on such a shoestring budget. I couldn’t cope with having a list that long of advisories on an MOT.
  13. Zep

    Roll cage thoughts

    Yes, because they replace the std belts. I am told they are a bit fragile (I.e. don’t sit on them).
  14. Zep

    Maserati owners list.....please add your Maserati!

    There is no custodian of this list, you can add it yourself.
  15. Zep

    Alternative parts, what everyone needs to know...

    It says the same thing for the GTS. Having looked at the quality of their work, it’s worth a question to find out.
  16. Zep

    Brexit Deal

    Interestingly, there is never any friction at meets at all. In person, rather than behind a keyboard, people are generally quite amenable. This is probably because we talk about cars not politics.
  17. Zep

    Capitalism or fraud?

    Close? Have you seen the other threads?! :lol2:
  18. Zep

    Brexit Deal

    Your feedback is received and understood. As has been said before, we try to have a light touch in terms of moderation, which means people speak their minds, but it does at times get too heated and too non-maserati. There are some fixes in progress for this. We will be splitting the...
  19. Zep

    Are you worried yet.

    You are comparing deaths to people requiring treatment. But the article you have refer to states that over 400,000 people have required hospital treatment for Covid. It also says that 387k people have waited more than a year for treatment. In my view it would more informative / accurate to...
  20. Zep

    seat motors

    Yes. It’s the same with VW (and Bentley as Catman found out). The first 3 digits are the model code, then the last 6 are the part number. Same parts are used on different models, making it easier to charge more for the more expensive cars....