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  1. Gazcw

    Exhaust Valve Control Mod (how to)

    Who needs exhaust valves! When you want it quiet on start up quickly shift it into drive. If you want it quiet when driving passed the authorities, shift into 5 or 6 and feather the accelerator. Lovely and quiet then. ;)
  2. Gazcw

    Coupe 4.2 CC - V8CBO...

    Looks like it sold.
  3. Gazcw

    This Hurt

    Wow! Sorry I did not realise it was you. What a nightmare but glad you are ok.
  4. Gazcw

    Need an engine overhaul?

  5. Gazcw

    Supercar Fest - The Runway 30th May

    Just booked the crystal serum so should be nice and shiny. Bet it rains! :D
  6. Gazcw

    This Hurt

    Fell asleep or ill or very drunk....?
  7. Gazcw

    Maserati owners list.....please add your Maserati!

    Do we need to add Bentley to the list now?
  8. Gazcw

    Pic of the day

    Pale blue with matching seats. It was very comfy as a youngster
  9. Gazcw

    Being chased by debt collection agency

    Send him a bill for wasting your time....
  10. Gazcw

    Grancabrio Roof Switch - changing to "one touch"

    Surely they will be holding the latest iPhone and ipad
  11. Gazcw

    Grancabrio Roof Switch - changing to "one touch"

    I don't know him or his group. Are they worried their soft skin and manicures will get damaged?
  12. Gazcw

    Grancabrio Roof Switch - changing to "one touch"

    Any cab I have had has always required holding of button. Makes sense as any issues would require a whole load of additional sensors etc. Whereas they stop as soon as you release. Doesn't cater for the clueless who would be wondering whats that screaming as their young child gets wrapped up and...
  13. Gazcw

    FD springs

    Sportsitalia. Ash is the brains and Matt is the looks I think he said.
  14. Gazcw

    FD springs

    Ash did mine after the springs. The combination made it much more confident.
  15. Gazcw

    FD springs

    Nice. Definitely in need of a rear spacer now. That would make it perfect.
  16. Gazcw

    The other birds thread

    Taste! Sweaty I imagine. :jprazz:
  17. Gazcw

    Pic of the day

    BLM country now
  18. Gazcw

    Anyone had the jab yet?

    Will always remember when mine exploded with blood and pus running down me arm..lovely
  19. Gazcw

    David Beckham and Maserati

    Surely just fat neck painting is clearer.