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    First bike ride this year

    Got out on the racer today for the first time this year. Blue sky, 11 Degrees, light breeze, fantastic. Only problem was everyone else, and their dogs, had the same idea. Walkers, joggers, cyclists, horse riders, cars Felt free for the first time in months. Roll on the spring.
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    Motor Pickers 26th November on Quest.

    Just been catching up on recorded Motor Pickers (2020) from 26th November. Had a 40 year old guy who reckons he had owned over 250 cars and was now looking for a grand tourer to travel across Europe with his family. Budget £35k. Cars to choose from were a 2010 Bentley Continental, 2011 Maserati...
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    2012 Granturismo S Auto front brake pads?

    Car in for service with Indy and it could do with new front brake pads. They can't get new pads from their regular source and even Maserati genuine are out of stock. ( not that I'd pay £700 for genuine!). I've looked on eurocarparts and they show 2 options but I've not heard of either make. Any...
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    Cold Feet

    Any other couch potatoes spot the white GTS parked up in tonight's episode of Cold Feet about 30 minutes in?
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    Things I learnt on the Factory trip

    Here are some facts stated by our guide on the recent Modena factory trip which may be of interest. Feel free to add more... The bodywork is painted by Ferrari. A Ferrari quality inspector (Dressed in red) is always present at final inspection to sign it off. They build 13 Maserati's a day 30%...
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    VIP Parking in Venice!

    This is what VIP secure parking in Venice looked like on our recent Italy road trip! - (The caged animal!) Let's just say Venice was SO busy, even the Gondolas were backed up!
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    Faulty seat heater

    Hello helpful people. My seat heater comes on randomly on my 2012 GTS. Apart from an unwanted hot backside, should I be overly concerned? Is there a simple fix? Thanks.
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    How old is too old for a brand new tyre?

    Just had a service and 2 new P0 tyres fitted and specifically asked very trusted indi, before saying yes, that I did not want old tyres. (New old stock). Had car serviced and took car away. Next day checked date codes on tyres and they are 4118 and 4316. So nearly 1 and 3 years old!! I really...
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    Interesting video on Maserati history.

    You may have seen this before but I found it quite interesting. 15 things you didn't know about Maserati.
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    Rusty bits

    Mot'd the car today and saw 2 very rusty plates underneath. Any ideas why when the rest is so clean?
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    Pardon my ignorance!

    The build sheet for my 2012 GTS shows M145 MY2011, 17/10/2011. I've seen M145 on various adverts but never understood what it meant. Can someone enlighten me?
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    How does my diff work?

    2012 GTS. Pulling out of my drive slowly and turning full lock left to keep to the left of the road as there's a blind bend close, I get a chattering from rear left wheel area. (Not the wife!!) Never happend before but last twice I've been out that way, it's done it. Like the diff is locked and...
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    Found new buttons!!

    After 6 months ownership of my 2012 GTS, I found 2 hidden buttons behind the steering wheel. There's no mention of them in the manual. What else don't I know it has and does?
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    Battery charging?

    Hi, not sure if this is the right place to post a technical question so sorry if it isn't. Just bought 2012 GTS. Not using it much as I'm away a lot so wanted to keep the battery topped up. Can anyone tell me please if I just connect the charger leads to the battery in situe or do I have to...
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    Hi from new owner

    Hi all, just took delivery of my 1st ever Maserati. It's a White 2012 GTS Auto with 30k on the clock. I have to say it's been an amazing experience so far. To say I love it is just scratching the surface of the way I feel right now. I could go on but I guess I'd just be saying what you all...