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  1. alfatwo

    RIP Duke of Edinburgh

    He was an ex hooligan and a good one a that! Flying aircraft , driving boats in WW2 and had several Astons knocking about in the royal mews.. Rest in peace sir, you did a good job! Dave
  2. alfatwo

    A few of us on here like a little French car

    Wow, now there proper! Dave
  3. alfatwo

    Potential Newbie

    I'd still have an nice late QP all day long compered to a Alfa there rubbish to drive even with the front suspension mods Hence why there's so many for sale with so little miles! Dave
  4. alfatwo

    Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio - who owns one and is it epic?

    Like you say It looks like a shite German Audi version of a classic Alfa Montreal In 1970 when Bertone had this on there drawing boards... Audi didn't exist :rolleyes: Dave
  5. alfatwo

    A few of us on here like a little French car

    Your a old school hooligan! Dave
  6. alfatwo

    A new magazine - Strada

    How do you subscribe up say for two people on the one account? Dave
  7. alfatwo

    Anyone had the jab yet?

    Boll*cks to the under 30's... I'm lots more interested in the over 70's! Dave
  8. alfatwo

    Are you worried yet.

    Mate, It wont belong before you get that well deserved nice early XJ6 then ;) The one with knackerd starter motor! Dave
  9. alfatwo

    Typical day in London!

    Or just possibly checking out how to nick it :( You cant be too careful swaning around in flash motors! even old Masers.. Dave
  10. alfatwo

    Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio - who owns one and is it epic?

    If I'm lucky, I just might just get a run in the new spec Verde Giulia QV next week I'll keep you posted! Dave
  11. alfatwo

    Corsa more expensive than Ferrari

    Being an old bugger, I'd go for the Nova, I'm not really a fan of Vauxhalls either I don't do Ferrari's either unless there sensible! Dave
  12. alfatwo

    Advice wanted - Events worth attending this year please?

    Do you mean the local immunization station. Got a feeling that's about as far as were going to get this year! Dave
  13. alfatwo

    Typical day in London!

    What are you lot down the smoke going to do when you all have to drive around in small Japanese lecy cars:p It'll be coming your way soon! Dave
  14. alfatwo

    Pic of the day

    The Sor Bits are when they have to cut your legs off to get you out with those old F1 things! Dave
  15. alfatwo

    Pic of the day

    Muppet! Dave
  16. alfatwo

    DK engineering

    Trouble is Rex, people who own 12k/18k old 3200's don't want to spend £100 plus per hour plus vat labour rates! Dave
  17. alfatwo

    The other birds thread

    They could ride in my Maser anytime they like! Dave
  18. alfatwo

    Pic of the day

    Germany 1970's, is that an BMW 2002 in the foreground ;) Dave
  19. alfatwo

    DK engineering

    There very good and have been around for years, but there heavy! Dave
  20. alfatwo

    The good morning thread

    Yea, but will it last for more than two weeks? Dave