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    David Beckham and Maserati

    The more publicity Maserati gets the better. Beckham does inspire some ( not me) but if he helps generate sales surely that can only be a good thing. No sales = no future for Maserati!!!
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    Mot failure :-( !!

    Apparently the hand brake shoe linings part company with their holders over time so new rear brake shoes should sort it. My 2012 gt was picked up for that last year. (Don’t think you can park it without epb coming on automatically when you switch engine off)
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    Car wash in the rain

    I’ve been told rain water is very soft and doesn’t leave the white marks that hard tap water does. Means you don’t have to wipe it so dry. Apparently.
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    Bimota being sold to fund GS repairs

    Didn’t know Cagiva name was made up the same as Bimota but here goes. The name Castiglione comes to mind but I don’t know why. Giacomo Agostini? Surely not Valentino Rossi?
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    Bimota being sold to fund GS repairs

    3 Italian engineers made up the name Bi mo ta, either ending or beginning 2 letters of each name but I can’t remember what they were TAmborini was one. Was Bianci another? Morrisio the third? 2 of them went on to design the Cagiva or Aprilia bikes. (Also MV??) one died a couple of years ago. How...
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    Bimota being sold to fund GS repairs

    That would be telling, but I had my suspicions.
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    Bimota being sold to fund GS repairs

    I feel your pain. I had a Bimota SB3 in 1983 for a couple of years till my wife ‘got herself pregnant’!!! How inconsiderate.
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    First bike ride this year

    Leave that game to the fanatics! I’m an unashamedly fair weather cyclist and proud of it. (And motorcyclist and Maserati driver come to think about it!)
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    First bike ride this year

    Got out on the racer today for the first time this year. Blue sky, 11 Degrees, light breeze, fantastic. Only problem was everyone else, and their dogs, had the same idea. Walkers, joggers, cyclists, horse riders, cars Felt free for the first time in months. Roll on the spring.
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    Another Brexit pain the 4rse fiasco

    Constantly amazes me that jobs like ‘minister for health’ can ever be awarded to anyone who wasn’t once a doctor or ’minister for sport’ isn’t an ex successful athlete. What on earth gives a politician with no relevant experience the right to take on the most important role in the country?
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    The joys of getting on a bit...

    Sorry to hear the grief you’ve been through Annie. Fingers crossed you’ll be throwing your car around those cotswold lanes again very soon!
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    Anyone had the jab yet?

    My 98 year old dad has had both now. First December 18th, 2nd Jan 8th. He didn't have any effects from either.
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    Maseratis - Spotted

    Was fantastic to get out in my GT S today. First time in about 2 months. I love my car!!!
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    Not even built in this country! No loyalty to Britain, reap what you sow JLR.
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    Motor Pickers 26th November on Quest.

    One of the comments he had about the Bentley was he felt it 'rolled' a bit too much around bends. But the W12 engine was silky smooth and ultra quiet.
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    Motor Pickers 26th November on Quest.

    Just been catching up on recorded Motor Pickers (2020) from 26th November. Had a 40 year old guy who reckons he had owned over 250 cars and was now looking for a grand tourer to travel across Europe with his family. Budget £35k. Cars to choose from were a 2010 Bentley Continental, 2011 Maserati...
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    Battery Replacement - GranTurismo

    Went to change my BMW battery recently and was made aware the vehicle has to be programmed to accept the new battery. Via the programming port, it needs to be told the exact Amphour, cold crank etc and that it is a new battery because the car's brain takes account of the age of the existing...
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    Road trip

    What was your route? Which countries did you visit and how did you get away with no quarantine?
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    2012 Granturismo S Auto front brake pads?

    Sorry for late reply. I told the garage which ECP depot had the pads in stock and they got them shipped direct. Didn't get breakdown prices as I had other work done at the same time. Just agreed a bottom line price for all the work.
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    2012 Granturismo S Auto front brake pads?

    Thanks, am collecting later.