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  1. conaero

    SM GTS brake discs

    There has been a lot of talk recently about alternative routes for brake disc so I thought it about time to show our hand. After the success of our SM 4200 discs that MAF and I worked on, Zep and I have been working for about a year behind the scenes to bring not 1, not 2 but 3 options for the...
  2. conaero


    As most of you have probably seen the site went off. We had a crashed table in the database which we managed to repair thankfully so no data loss. If its done it once, chances are it may do it again so we are monitoring it.
  3. conaero


    Well, last years thread was started on 10th of October so here we go... Changing things up again this year: Dates: 11-17th June 2019 Ferry: Dover~Calais Night 1: Montreuil Sur Mer Night 2: TBC (new place) Gites: 13-16th Race: 15~16th June 2019 ***Banger challenge moved to 2020 The list (last...
  4. conaero


    This is something that has been bugging me for a while now. You will probably have seen that a lot of the the regular members don't post so much on here anymore. This is because of WhatsApp and these members are using this to communicate. I feel that this is because they can post, shall we...
  5. conaero

    Credit Card

    Right after some advise. I havnt had a credit card before, but I have debit cards. After speaking to Zep about the protection on part purchases like cars and the fact I book so many hotels for the Forum (Monaco or Bust saw £34k spent on hotels) it’s the protection side of things I am more...
  6. conaero

    SM Xmas Doo 2018

    Date confirmed as Saturday and Sunday 8-9th December 2018 Bit of a change this time around, we are ditching the karting so will be a breakfast meet at Ace Cafe London then a drive out to hotel for a spa weekend and Italian gala dinner. Please add your name to the list so we can get an idea of...
  7. conaero

    Bridge in Genoa collapses, killing 22

    This is not good! Distressing video, beware.
  8. conaero

    New Forum

    Speaking to a few SM members tonight they seem to still be struggling with the new Forum on mobile devices. The way it works on mobile is that you see the header, then the most active 20 Forum threads. Below that are the regular Forum lists then the stats at the bottom. You also have under...
  9. conaero

    3200 AC ARB Group Buy

    Dave/AlfaTwo has arranged a retrofit AC rollbar to be remanufactered. More info from Dave to follow...
  10. conaero

    Alfa pickmeup

    Just so my favourite of all time (Stradale version)...from a bygone era of hairy chested men!
  11. conaero

    No place like home

    Well, the new forum has been up and running for 6 weeks or so and pretty much all the issues are ironed out (a few fixes are still ongoing). Posting and member login is back up to where it used to be. The Who's Online at the bottom will only max 60 mins and not the 120 mins of the old forum so...
  12. conaero

    Eye spy....

    Dunno what this is but that engine sure looks like a 3200 lump:
  13. conaero

    Wifeys Citroen DS3 VTi For Sale Cared for by me to my usual level of detail. A cracking little hot hatch. Possible little discount to Forum members.
  14. conaero

    TAPATALK - Yes or No

    As the title says, can I have a show of hands for those who want it. With the new responsive layout I cant see why but happy to if there are enough who want it.
  15. conaero

    Forum bugs and fix list

    Please post here any issues or bugs you find...
  16. conaero

    Welcome Back

    Just have a look around and familiarise yourself for now. Most functions are disabled only moderators have full access I will start a separate thread for the suggestions and fixes list. Branding, all forums are under SportsItalia branding for now, Sportsmaserati and sportsalfa logos and...
  17. conaero

    Forum going offline

    We will be moving to our new forum software tomorrow so this old site will be going off at midnight tonight. All being well, we should be up and running by end of play tomorrow. You may have noticed that all your personal data, signature, DOB, Location etc has been removed. There is no point...
  18. conaero

    check out a car in Sheffield

    Wifey is looking at buying a used car from a garage in Sheffield, can any of you local to it members check the car out for me this week? Its a grey Fiat 500X and we know it has a small dent in the lower drivers door, but we want and overall condition report: Vettura Motors Ltd 1 Cutts Terrace...
  19. conaero

    F1 - what would you do?

    So, hypothetical question and something to think about as we are all sat here in the early hours watch what looks like is going to be another precession? Something is seriously wrong to what was once the jewel of the motorsport community.
  20. conaero

    New forums added

    Due to popular request, the 2 new subforums have been added to the Classifieds Section: WANTED Sports Maserati Forum Cars WANTED Sports Maserati Forum Parts