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  1. Silvercat

    2009 QP External and Internal dust covers, set of QP NGK Laser Platinum Spark plugs and QP ignitor coil for sale

    Having just sold my 2009 QP 4.7S, I have several items now for sale. Original Maserati external silver car cover with QP logo ( new condition in original packaging. ) Cost £378 new, would sell for £250. Original Maserati internal blue car dust cover (used but clean).Would acccept £100. Would...
  2. Silvercat

    Stunning 2009 QP 4.7S now for sale

    After a lot of deliberation I have decided to sell my 2009 QP 4.7 S after only 2.5 years. I took early retirement just over a month ago, after 36 years of hard graft and concluded that I couldn't really justify the ongoing up keep of such a wonderful machine. So sadly I have decided to offer it...
  3. Silvercat

    Fuel soaked spark plug #5 cylinder

    Hi All, my 2009 QP 4.7 developed a misfire a couple of weeks back on the #5 cylinder. Managed to remove the ignitor coil and the NGK plug today and I was surprised to find a black/dark brown plug end as if it had been burnt and it was wet (fuel!) when I took it out of the cylinder. It's not...