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    OEM grade leather for 2008 GT

    Hello everyone, I need to buy Avorio colour leather to retrim parts of my GT. I have located a business in Canada called Hydes who can supply but would prefer a supplier in Europe. Any ideas? Thanks.
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    Is it possible to buy OEM leather to match seats in my GT?

    Hello everyone, I need to buy Avorio colour leather to retrim parts of my GT. I have located a business in Canada called Hydes who can supply but would prefer a supplier in Europe. Any ideas? Thanks.
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    Upgrade to the heater control in the GT/GC

    Hello, I'm not affiliated to this eBay vendor, but wonder if anyone here has seen this installed? Thanks
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    Dale at Prestige Repairing My Variators

    We talk about this so much, I thought I'd take a few snaps along the way of Dale fixing my car. Whilst it is apart he's organised for the rocker covers to be repainted. Enjoy the photos...
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    Valve/Cam/Rocker cover repaint recommendations

    My GT in the middle of having the variators fixed by Dale at Prestige. Whilst the thing is in bits I thought I may as well get the Cam covers repainted as the blue paint is starting to flake. I live near Ascot, J6/M4 - J3/M3 can anyone recommend a paint shop, ideally not miles away I can use...
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    Refurbish door cards Granturismo

    Hello everyone, I need to refurbish my avorio colour door cards as they have become scuffed on the bottom by shoes. Any ideas? Thank you.
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    Best place to buy a new ABS Wheel Hub for 2008 GT

    I need to buy another one, my third in 24 months. Do SM members get special rates anywhere? If not, can someone suggest the 'cheapest' place, please? Thank you.
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    Whacky traction control light

    I think this is a new one on this forum: My 2008, 4.2GT, 27k miles, has developed an odd traction control light. When I pull away at any speed, the traction control kicks in as if I was trying to drive the car in the snow. Subsequently, the car went almost nowhere, so I turned the MSP off and...
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    ABS Wheel sensor

    I've had two of these replaced at my local MD, both nearside, in 2016 and 2017. I started the car this evening at the office car park, and the dreaded symbols on the dash popped up with a ding. It seems I need another done. Can anyone recommend the best place to buy these and can I use a...
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    Emblem Sports Cars

    I have just collected my 2008 4.2 GT from Emblem this morning. This is a great business, with great people who did a great job on my car, I highly recommend them. For what it is worth - those owners that can get to Reading by train, all you need to do is hop on the direct service to Bournemouth...
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    Best type of oil for 4.2 GC

    The second post today, it must be Christmas. I've booked my car in for a service at Maranello. They normally use Helix 5 - 40w. I read on the long and informative variator chat that using a Mobil 10 - 60w may due to the thickness of the oil keep oil in the lifters and therefore avoid the...
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    Extended or drilled leather

    A couple of years ago I test drove a GranCabrio at Maranello. A lovely car blue/cream, history etc. I didn't buy as the boot was very small and I couldn't get my golf clubs in. So I stuck with my GranTurismo. The GC at Maranello had a really nice option on it... drilled and extended leather. The...
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    Jay Leno Samples Touring Superleggera's Bespoke Maserati GranTurismo

    I'm not sure if this has already been posted, but it a fantastic idea and shows why these cars are such a great buy...
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    Maserati Seeks Reversal Of Fortune After Almost Becoming A Mass-Market Brand Intersting article, maybe Maserati will now get the attention it deserves, crazy that FCA screwed this up...
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    Dealer won't retune deposit and Barclaycard won't help

    Gents, Last year I placed a £500.00 holding deposit on a Maserati 4.7 GT (as I was upgrading from my lovely 4.2) from a dealer (TMT Motor Company) in the Manchester area. The deposit was refundable if upon examination of the car I found it to be less than perfect and this was confirmed by...
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    Airbag Light on GT 4.2

    Happy New Year everyone. My GT is returning from my MD having had the front, right ABS/Hub Sensor replaced - which they did at a fair price and provided great service. Before the sensor gave up, the car has for months been flashing up intermittently the dreaded airbag light. So I got the...
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    Decided to trade in my 2008 4.2 GT for this 2012 4.7 GT

    I've been really happy with my 4.2 but having sold an SL500 and now having spare funds I've decided to buy this. My 4.2 has been super reliable - I just wanted the better brakes and a little more torque...
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    ABS sensor

    I tried to add this onto a previous conversation but couldn't find it. My GT is throwing up the ABS lights and others but only intermittently, it there a way of looking at the wiring that leads to the hub with the sensor without removing a wheel? Thanks in advance. I've now found the post...
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    I need to get the Navtrak removed from my 2008 GT. After a bit of a google, I found out the Cobra/Navtrak is now part of Vodafone Automotive... For those of you lucky enough to use other cell service providers, Vodafone are possibly one of the worst companies in the world to deal with...
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    How do I disconnect the Tracker from my 2008 GT

    Any advice welcome pls. The insurance company don't insist on it and there is a horrible drain on the battery when the car is off, so I suspect the Tracker. Thanks,