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  1. Taurus

    Keep leaving indicators on!!

    Or you could try this.
  2. Taurus

    F1 pump relay solution

    And here comes the guide How to install the ScudIngSwiss F1-relay solid state. Quite easy installment. Worst part actually to remove the covers and lining...
  3. Taurus

    Brake Discs, again!

    As my name didn't make it to the list I post again: 1 - Benny D 2 - Mr S 3 - Jnismith 4 - Corranga 5 - RSM Masser/Hashluck (sharing a front and rear set) 6 - Andrew N 7 - Samueluper 8 - Tamariini 9 - Dicky Grace 10 - Newton 11 - Sparkplug155 12 - DevonPaul/Safrane (sharing a front and rear set)...
  4. Taurus

    F1 pump relay solution

    Hi and a comment from Sweden. I fitted the Scud-ing Swiss ( F1-relay today, no problems with the installation on my 2003, 4200CC. Tested and can't say I experienced much change in driving, but feels really good to have a solid state solution...
  5. Taurus

    Brake Discs, again!

    I need a complete set, even our Swedish version of MOT told me so. :) So kindly add me to the list. Br, Lennart
  6. Taurus

    Sports Maserati brake discs - third group buy

    Still possible to have a go? Complete set for 4200 delivered to Sweden?. Holding my thumbs... Regards, L
  7. Taurus

    Maserati owners list.....please add your Maserati!

    One more 4200CC from Sweden! Cheers, L (Taurus)