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    3200 Engine racing in Neutral & Park

    I would recommend getting in touch with davy83 on here. I had the same sort of problem with my throttle body and he sorted me out. HTH Mike
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    3200 throttle body - lock down project.

    I tried to repair my old one and cocked it up! I then sent it off to davy83 for his thoughts on it, he stripped it down found the magnet was disintegrating and gave me a couple of options to repair it or replace it. I decided to go with the Volvo replacement and it's running a treat. It is...
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    3200 throttle body - lock down project.

    I can confirm that davy83 has the throttle body's up and running. I fitted one to my 3200 a fortnight ago and the smile is back on my face! Cheers Mike
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    Newbie from South Wales

    It's not a dirt track but a wide road that's not maintained to a very good standard, I drove along it yesterday in a 10 year old Focus and I was concerned about the possibility of damage to the car! It's probably 3/4 of a mile from the track. Cheers Mike
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    Newbie from South Wales

    No, the ford dealer is on the Vale business park and the narrow bit of road you refer to has now been bypassed by a new road just outside Cowbridge. The access road I'm referring to is on the Llandow trading estate just past the turn off for the track. Cheers Mike
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    Newbie from South Wales

    I stand corrected, there is indeed a Maserati specialist in the vicinity of Cowbridge. It's on the Llandow trading estate just down the road from the track. If you intend using their services I would recommend having the car transported there as the access road is atrocious! The road is also...
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    Newbie from South Wales

    Welcome to the forum, I live just outside Cowbridge and there's definitely no Maserati specialist around here! Cheers Mike
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    Revving issues, knock sensor errors and ignition coil errors

    Hi McAnix Out of interest what obd reader are you using? I've tried a few but haven't found one that actually works! Cheers Mike maz
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    Hi Bob, if you are talking about the worm drive on the jubilee clip it should be hexagon shaped so you can gain extra purchase by using a 5, 6 or 7 mm socket on it. HTH Mike
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    Just checked mine and it's 60mm. HTH Mike
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    Earth Points

    Hi Loz there are 2 from the starter motor retaining bolts. HTH Mike
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    Battery going flat

    Good day Mas, are you you sure that it's still 180 mA after 10 minutes as it takes a bit of time for the system to go to sleep? I spent days trying to trace a similar drain because I wasn't giving the system time to shut down! Hope this helps Mike
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    Maserati Ashtray Script

    Absolutely superb job, I've just got to find somewhere to mount it in my 3200. Thank you once again for your time and effort in this project. Cheers Mike maz
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    3200GTA Assetto Cora’s, 68/75-failed MOT

    I'd recommend the Waterfall garage up at Brackla industrial estate. It's run by 2 brothers and they do a lot of work on Alfa's. They've done some work on my 3200 and they are very helpful with advice and assistance. If you want any further information let me know and we can meet up, I live in...
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    Maserati Ashtray Script

    I'm happy with minimum lugs as it 's not for an ashtray just an ornament. Thank you for your time and effort on this project. Cheers Mike
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    What a pub crawl!

    Puts my 3000 mile trip in the 3200 down to Italy and back in the shade!
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    Weight Reduction INFO

    Rear wheel with pirelli p zero tyre on 25.8 kgs. Front wheel with pirelli p zero tyre on 22.6 kgs. HTH Cheers Mike
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    Maserati Ashtray Script

    Looks pretty good to me Mike
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    Maserati Ashtray Script

    Can you add me to the list as well please? Cheers Mike Maz
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    3200 GT Reliability

    Here's one in the eye for the 3200 nay sayers:- I'm just back from a 3000 mile round trip down to Perugia in Italy and back in my 2001 3200GT ! The only problems on the trip were the drivers door seal leaking, resulting in a wet footwell and the seatbelt warning light coming on intermittently...