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  1. sshenton1975

    What a revelation

    Hi guys New wheels are on and more importantly new tyres! I live near a series of fast B roads and was always really disappointed with how poor the handling was, very skittish and all over the place really. The car has been on 19s with Pzero Asymmetrics all round. Today ive put the 20s on...
  2. sshenton1975

    Wheel progress!

    Hi all Wheel are progressing well - tyres are scrap hence overspray. Going for some slightly larger than standard tyres but many have used them apparently in the US without issue: Rears - 295/35/20 (bit more sidewall) Fronts - 255/35/20 And new centre caps to finish off!
  3. sshenton1975

    Refurbing wheels

    Thought you night like to see how Im getting on!
  4. sshenton1975

    New wheels - TPMS

    hi All Picked up a set of 20 inch Trident wheels on EBAY and am in the process of refurbing them - I do them myself (I've done a few wheels now) and I love the satisfaction of doing a good job So one question - I am going to keep the 19s as spares / winter wheels. The 20s have TPMS. I dont...
  5. sshenton1975

    Pagid front pads for 38£!!!

    Hi all Just bought Pagid pads for my QPS on Eurocarparts for 38£!! They have a 50% sale on! Sounds good to me!
  6. sshenton1975

    X pipe quattroporte

    Hi guys Anyone got an xpipe for a quattroporte 4.7s?
  7. sshenton1975

    Clonk clonk!

    Hi guys Car is booked in for new wheel bearing next week in the rear but in mean time I also have a clonk coming from the front left. Two garages have looked at it and inspected but cannot find anything. One tightened up the undertrays as they were loose but this hasnt cured it. Happens on...
  8. sshenton1975

    Is this the first fault on my QPV?

    HI All Had a wonderful first 3 months with the QPV but alas, I feel an expensive fix coming on - any advice greatly appreciated. 1) Rumbling/road noise This has started in the last week. At any speed above 40 miles an hour and especially at 80, there is nasty road noise which sounds like a...
  9. sshenton1975

    Painted my grill - the mods have started!

    Hi guys 2 weeks into QP ownership and I am loving it! Always like to add a little uniqueness to my cars and so today removed the chrome grill and treated it to a little bit of satin black! Looks much better! Then gave it a good wash and took some pics - I LOVE the rear quarter view - looks...
  10. sshenton1975

    Infortainment Bose - cant access settings

    Hi all Just picked up a QPS 2009 with the optional Bose infortainment system All works well except i cant access the system settings menu - when i rotate the knob through all the settings such as FM, CD, phone etc , it gets to Settings (cog image) and bypasses it so i cant choose it Means i...
  11. sshenton1975

    Bose issue

    Hi guys Just one small issue found with the car I wanted to set up the date and time on the bose system When scrolling through on the menu, i can see the 3 cogs symbol signifying system set up but the bose unit wont let me land on that option. It simply misses it out and jumps to the radio...
  12. sshenton1975

    Its home !!! New car has arrived!

    Hi guys My new to me Quattroporte S has arrived! 37k miles and a lovely drove home - even averaged 30mpg - much better than my RS6! Beautiful driving experience - cant wait to fill you in on the future developments!
  13. sshenton1975

    Midlands specialist

    Hi all Newbie here - picking up a QPV 4.7s next week Im in Northampton - who would you recommend nearby? Thanks Simon