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  1. rs48635

    Loud bangs last night?

    Regular home town (Hull) trip and chose visit aquarium "The Deep", where sadly we decided to eat. The 'dinner ladies" took pity on my poor "vegetarian daughter" who had zero choice from the hot buffet. Bustling biddy appeared a few minutes later with Veg lasagne and garlic bread (fair enough)...
  2. rs48635

    My winter project

    Page 5 of the ML article has post #90 by our own lozcb. Describes the job as quite a bit more awkward that the author of article. It is a DIY job but for the determined and committed. " Started attempting to change my F1 pump now seeing as nomorejags has made it sound relatively easy for...
  3. rs48635

    Auto Italia Feb issue

    Might treat myself to a copy, need to spend these wages somewhere. The familiarity of Auto Italia might be quite re-assuring.
  4. rs48635

    Granturismo problem!

    Hopefully dealer will front up. The handbrake cable can be a PITA If the end is smashed off yours.
  5. rs48635

    Quattroporte dirty fuel injector removal

    At the risk of opening a can of worms, could swap the coil pack with a neighbour. Maybe try a few trips to the redline? Might blow away some build-up? Is there any safe additive to try on our cars?
  6. rs48635

    Granturismo problem!

    Oh dear. I am only half-competent home mechanic but can manage to do the rear brakes. One of the least complicated jobs to do on these cars. Nothing trick about it or special calliper rewind tools. Just needs common sense. I did have to get a few new handbrake widgets for mine, which might be...
  7. rs48635

    Granturismo problem!

    Glad to hear you have found a solution. did they give you back the excess oil? Put my car in there last year for complete subframe renovation and underside rustproofing. They kept all of the rust and holes meaning my car is at least several kilos heavier! Maybe you get back to oil...
  8. rs48635

    2010 QP V sport GTS for sale

    bidding looks slow, still showing 13k in my view. Did not register or log in does that make a difference?
  9. rs48635

    Transformation of my 3200

    ^^^. When still actively running the throttle pot reset was a regular procedure. Perhaps every weekend became normal.
  10. rs48635

    2010 QP V sport GTS for sale

    the 'auction' site mentions enthusiast owner 'Nav' , is that @Navcorr ?
  11. rs48635

    Silly fu**king Question

    Ah. stand corrected. One maserati not parked outside my house.
  12. rs48635

    Silly fu**king Question

    The mechanical boot opening using key inserted in lock works even with flat battery. On my car at least :(
  13. rs48635

    Autocar article published today

    Hard for anyone to get it right for us nerds. Own mate Phil Bell put QP Sport GT on the cover of Classic Car magazine = big tick. The write up (about Pininfarina) was good but all I noticed was the detailed technical error. "The 3200GT emerged with a cross-plane variant of the F136 V8" The car...
  14. rs48635

    Silly fu**king Question

    or just lock it with the key
  15. rs48635

    My Biennial Servicing Question

    My thoughts exactly - almost started looking for one of them special Jags.
  16. rs48635

    Voicey's 430

    Enjoyed the Jay-emm clip - the F430 does sound rapturous. is the steering a widely understood Characteristic or the self-opined lotus bias? The steering in my otherwise clunky 1984 porsche was a total joy. My QP is way better than expected for such a big unit. Was expecting proper F car...
  17. rs48635


    Is it really heavy though, is there any actual proof? :D. (do the same myself, but next time will fill each barrow with one fewer shovel load each trip to compensate for may age and decreasing stamina. The last load will be lightest.)
  18. rs48635

    Tool Time Corner

    It is a shame when the 'best option' is to buy a kit like this with 5 metal and 10 plastic hand tools with hundreds of fasteners thrown in. Recently bought a dozen of the correct fasteners for my Mx5 which cost more than above.
  19. rs48635

    Tool Time Corner

    Is it possible to buy trim removal tools NOT made in china?
  20. rs48635

    Considering a Quattroporte in 2021

    Did anyone here get the red QP V? I am intrigued to know what it looks like today. The pictures were quite likely taken some while ago.