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  1. hunta

    Alpine to race in F1

    Looks like Renault are set to rebrand as Alpine. Will be good to see the name on the grid.
  2. hunta

    How to build a Quattroporte - More4 9pm tonight

    Sorry if this has been posted elsewhere:
  3. hunta

    Marshall Maserati Peterborough Seen the odd post about this place of late. A Marshall Motor Holdings Maserati brand manager has been jailed for 14 months after diverting almost £200,000 of luxury car sales...
  4. hunta

    Gransport SPORT switch

    Any condition please.
  5. hunta

    Wiper arm clips

    Does anyone have the part number for these please?
  6. hunta

    Exhaust fitter

    Any recommendations for an exhaust fitter near South Bucks who can help sort blowing?
  7. hunta

    Anyone replaced a rear lower control arm lately?

    Just wondering whether anyone's had cause to fit a new offside rear lower control arm lately and if so whether you've had any issues with the new part?
  8. hunta

    Pub (car park!) venue recommendation NW of London

    Looking for a suitable pub for Sunday lunch in the south Bucks / Berks / Herts area. A large car park with special status parking spaces clearly preferred. Any suggestions or good experiences?
  9. hunta

    H pipes near South Bucks?

    My GS was wisely fitted with an X pipe (stamped Zeuna Starker - is this a forum pipe?) by its esteemed former owner. However I wonder how it compares to an H. Is there anyone near me (South Bucks) with that combination who'd be interested in a side by side comparison?
  10. hunta

    AutoRevive London

    I came across the odd mention of these guys on here. They'd be very handy for me for general jobs outside services, so I was hoping to hear of any experiences people have had with them and their level of knowledge with 4200 / GS in particular?
  11. hunta

    What if we all chip in?

    Happy to raid the kids' piggy banks:
  12. hunta

    Alfa LEA concept

    I hate concept cars, they tease us with what might be were it not for onerous regulations and other sensible factors. This one especially. That Stratos-esque back end is spot on.
  13. hunta

    Help with squeaky rear end...

    I've recently had the rear suspension of my GS overhauled by Emblem, but a couple of hundred miles down the road and the off-side rear is squeaking. Advice from Emblem is echoed here, that it should be a simple lubrication fix but I currently have no means of getting underneath the car, and...
  14. hunta

    Sticky switches: Your Forum Needs You!

    I've been in touch with Lorenzo about cleaning up the 4 switches / buttons (windows, MSP and SPORT) on the panel console of my GS. My reservation is that I'll need to take them out, be without them while they go off to the USA, and hope they don't go missing before refitting. I'd feel a lot...
  15. hunta

    Heat shields?

    Excuse my ignorance... Looking for advice on what these two shields (?) are visible through the rear mesh of my GS. The left one is noticeably lower and moves fairly easily, so could well be responsible for the mystery rear end noise over bumps. I can't get under the car to take a proper look...
  16. hunta

    Maserati Barber motorcycle Enough to make me want to dust off my leathers and polish up my helmet.
  17. hunta

    Wanted - Gransport indoor cover

    I'm looking for a cover to keep the crapolla that falls out of the garage roof from settling on my Gransport. Does anyone have a breathable indoor cover they'd be happy to part with in exchange for the appropriate consideration? Or recommend a source?
  18. hunta

    Gritters have been out

    Time to get off the fence and decide whether to hide in the garage over winter...
  19. hunta

    Caffeine & Machine

    I've just been reading about this place and was wondering if anyone has dropped by? Might be a good excuse destination the next time we get a fine weekend but I can't see any kind of schedule of events on the website.
  20. hunta

    Positive input ventilation units

    I know there are those around these parts who like to get stuck into a building issue so here goes... We have a good-sized family house which, being a 70s build with single pane sash windows, suffers from a bad case of condensation outside of the summer months. This is our second year in the...