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  1. Gazcw

    RX05 AUT 4200

    Anyone own her on here? Just watching a Bangers and Cash and spotted it in owners lockup. Looks like a good low mileage example.
  2. Gazcw

    Urgent pedal decision.

    Ordered my pedals from Ultimate went with Shiny anti slip and asked if they can put logo on the brake. I have 2 choices. 1st pic is embossed and $30, 2nd is raised engraving for $40. I am favouring raised engraving at the moment. What are peoples thoughts? And should I change from shiny to frosted?
  3. Gazcw

    Updated trims

    As I never really liked the fake wood I have decided to go fake carbon instead. Silver carbon trims collected today for refitting.
  4. Gazcw

    Maserati Spares NL

    Anyone ever used these guys? I need some new front kick plates which bent after being removed for skirt painting. They seem very cheap at €30 each and they are normally £75 and this makes me a little wary...
  5. Gazcw

    Braided Brake Lines

    Just had these delivered for the ongoing brake upgrade. Choice of colours too. With delivery they worked out as £122/€129. Only ordered on Monday. They sent a 10% discount code if anyone is interested and a pack of haribo. Woohoo. See pic.
  6. Gazcw


    Whilst I am all for people modding their cars, do it properly and do not mess with the boomers.
  7. Gazcw

    SD3 Anyone?
  8. Gazcw

    QP6 for 17k

    Immaculate inside. Apart from the cracks in the centre console!
  9. Gazcw

    Birthday Present

    Reading material from my boy for my birthday.
  10. Gazcw

    3000rpm rattle/vibration inside dash on QPV

    In the search to find my vibration noise within the dashboard I pulled the centre dash console/radio to see if I could spot anything. Obviously plenty of cables to tie up, but apart from that I found one of the ac ducts to be a little loose where it joins the ac unit. There is no sponge to seal...
  11. Gazcw

    Interior Scripts

    Currently in the process of removing interior trims for some hydro dipping treatment as never really liked the fake wood with black leather etc. Fighting with door trims currently as they supposedly just clip on but boy they are tight. Anyway, I will need to remove the qps and maserati scripts...
  12. Gazcw

    Larini 4200 back boxes 99p

    Just spotted...
  13. Gazcw

    Brake Reservoir Cap

    So in preparation for caliper repaint, rebuild and fluid change, I am going to purchase a new Clarke bleeder. It comes with a 44mm cap. Does this fit or do I need the universal cap too? Is it 4 or 5 litres for a full fluid change?
  14. Gazcw

    YR63 MDO QP6 GTS

    Not seen any talk on this and yes I know it is uglier than a 5. I think #Fifty you should buy it instead of a diesel porsche and use the back seats for camping gear. :D...
  15. Gazcw

    Larini Back boxes

    Don’t know if these have been flagged up already. Just popped up on one of my ebay searches.
  16. Gazcw

    Daily Smoker Up For Offer

    About to trade in the family load lugger, but wondered if anyone was looking for a cheap reliable daily. Been offered £6k by stealer and I know they sell for 8-9k. Any offer 6 or over would be good. HJ64 VZL Audi A4 Avant SE technik. 2.0 tdi, 100055 miles, Red with black leather, £30 tax. PM...
  17. Gazcw

    WTF! New&onesearchad=Used&page=1
  18. Gazcw

    Copart Virgin

    I know some of you buy, or have bought from copart. Looking at a car that has hpi but, the additional info says it will be cleared by the owner after sale. Rings alarms bells because what makes the seller clear the hpi? Is this guaranteed by copart?
  19. Gazcw

    Mechanics DB9 For Sale

    Take you brave pill.