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  1. midlifecrisis

    Honey I shrunk the RS200

    Saw this on fbook. Them crazy japs do some interesting jamjars not destined for these shores. Our loss. I present the Suzuki Cara
  2. midlifecrisis

    Not your average Maserati .

    How about this lovely red Maserati Turismo Veloce
  3. midlifecrisis

    Voicey's 430

    JayEmm borrowed Voicey's 430 and was told to drive it. Hard! A very good and informative review.
  4. midlifecrisis

    2021 Events

    Well I hope this is a better year but some events have already been postponed due to the continuing pandemic. However, a look thorough the usual events, nothing has been confirmed for the usual places below. The Ace cafe's website is non-responsive The...
  5. midlifecrisis

    Bit soon for Christmas

    A colleague at work informed me of this Lego Alternative - Cobi. They do Maseratis!
  6. midlifecrisis

    Alloy Wheel Protectors

    I was idly watching a Wheeler Dealers Episode and Mike showed this product, which basically fits between the trye and the wheel rim and gives some protection to the wheels. I'm not thinking of using it on the GT but maybe for a friends cars that has a bit of kerb rash, once repaired. With the...
  7. midlifecrisis

    Virtual Pub - Alfieri Arms

    One of the guys at work came up with the idea of having a few afterwork drinks whilst we all work from home by the use of teams. I thought that we could do similar, say tonight at 6pm? The only thing you need access to teams/skype/whatapp or something, a sense of humour and something to drink...
  8. midlifecrisis

    2020 Events

    January Sunday 5th Bicester Scramble Thursday 9th Ace Cafe Italian Car and Bike Night (TBC - too bl33ding cold) February Thursday 13th Ace Cafe Italian Car and Bike Night (TBC) March Thursday 12th Ace Cafe Italian Car and Bike Night...
  9. midlifecrisis

    Data Breach

    I've come home from work to find that a company handling my previous company's pension scheme has had a data breach via a successful phishing scam. The pension handler has offered me 12months free credit report monitoring, which I feel is a cop out. I smell bull and feel that they are...
  10. midlifecrisis

    Maserati Formula E

    Just seen this link. Roughly translated a Maserati debut in Formula E with a single seater from Ferrari
  11. midlifecrisis

    MLC's Garage Clear out Sale Closing soon, must end Monday, We'll pay the VAT!

    With the Sale of my venerable 2003 Coupe Cambiocorsa, i no longer have the need to keep hold of my spares that I picked up during my 8 year ownership. Therefore, I'm offering them on here to wider Maserati community. First up is an unused, brand new in Box within a sealed bag. Wheel Bearing...
  12. midlifecrisis

    Lambo Drivers aren't the sharpest tools

    This seen today in the news. I'm sure the picture is at the end of my mum's street.
  13. midlifecrisis

    The QP V Auction Thread

    It's truly unbelievable how much car you can get for under 10k, new clutch and only 48k miles. Barely run in...
  14. midlifecrisis

    MY03 MAS For Sale

    Now that I'm selling my 2003 4200, I might as well sell the number plates too. I have MY 03 MAS and as Sommi testifies, MY nn MAS looks really good on a Maserati. So who will start the bidding? Point to note is that this cost me £500 from the DVLA so I'm looking for more than this and you will...
  15. midlifecrisis

    MLC's GT Sport MC Auto Shift

    As suggested by F.Crud esquire, I've created this thread to introduce to you my 2012 Granturismo GT Sport. As some of you may know, I bought it off Fangio63 four weeks ago, picking it up the following week in the snow and ice. Not a nice welcome to 460bhp. I've been looking at GT Sports for a...
  16. midlifecrisis

    Garage Art

    Whilst having a look around the clean parts of Internet, I came across some click bait advertising. It might interest you lot,basically they make metal posters. Most car makes are on there including our beloved brand Maserati. 4200 Stradale Cabrio...
  17. midlifecrisis

    Maserati Brochures

    I know that many people on here have popped into their local dealers over the years and picked up a brochure or two for a Granturismo or QP, flick through them and them put them somewhere safe. Would those guardians of the brochures be able to scan them and put them onto a dropbox folder for...
  18. midlifecrisis

    4200 Azurro Argentina Now SOLD

    After 8 years of ownership and 36k miles I'm now putting up my 2003 4200. I have now bought a Maserati Granturismo Sport and therefore the need to sell this car in quick time. It's all original has not been modified or messed around with and therefore been very reliable. Clean condition...
  19. midlifecrisis

    One for the Walter Mitty Perfect for those who went as far as Portsmouth Harbour during the Falkands War or Cyprus during the two Gulf Wars... aka Walter Mitty, look it up if you don't know who I mean.
  20. midlifecrisis

    Sub £60k Ferrari?

    After reading a few threads on Californias/488s, I was having a look on Autotrader and saw a few sub £60k Ferraris. Quite a surprise really considering the care that some were built too. Obviously there's the 'runt of the family' Mondial but which would you go for? There's a few to choose from...