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  1. StickyPlastics

    Sticky Plastics Buttons Example

    Hi, A few people were waiting for images from a sample refinishing job. Heres one I done for Conaero. Hopefully Conaero can share with you the outcome and his verdict. Any criticism appreciated. Thanks.
  2. StickyPlastics

    4200 Immobiliser Disable

    This may be useful to anyone that ever has immo / spare key issues.
  3. StickyPlastics

    Just an introduction.

    I'm new here... hoping to help out. I've had a brief intro in the Newbie group but thought I would let you know in the section I have main interest in although I have interest in all things Italian. I have a Spyder that has gone through extensive restoration from paint, interior, mechanicals...
  4. StickyPlastics

    4200 Ashtray Cover

    Hi looking for a 4200 ashtray cover. Misplaced this one whilst refurbishing the full car. Not too bothered about the Maserati script being intact. Thanks in advance.
  5. StickyPlastics

    Newbie in Teesside

    Hi all, Just to introduce. I'm a Spyder and Alfa owner. Regards Roland