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  1. Scaf

    Are we a wealthy bunch?

    Maserati’s are high end cars that have supercar status in most people’s eyes and are bound to cost money to own and maintain. But in my ownership my GTS cost me less than leasing a top end exec saloon and that includes depreciation and maintenance, and I paid a dealer premium when buying and...
  2. Scaf

    The good morning thread

    A dusting of the white stuff here as well, but it’s raining now. But of shopping for the in-laws, grab a coffee then it’s tax returns :confused:
  3. Scaf

    Pic of the day

    That is properly ugly
  4. Scaf

    Are we a wealthy bunch?

    One thing I know that if I moved out of the London coout belt I have just realised this is sophisticated data harvesting ahead of an investment scam - :D
  5. Scaf

    Are we a wealthy bunch?

    Surely you should go first Dan
  6. Scaf

    Are we a wealthy bunch?

    If your healthy you‘re wealthy !
  7. Scaf

    Stradale - Looks good value.

    Reminds me of when I bought my first Jaguar XJ back in 2006, went in to Guy Salmon Thames Ditton close to my office, they did not take me seriously or make me feel special but had the perfect car in their showroom. Contacted the Oxford branch and bought the very same car over the phone. The chap...
  8. Scaf

    Mum gave me this tonight....

    Reading the article and knowing that you have received a lifetime of treatment, I take my hat off to you Sir, it can’t be easy. The mental stress of knowing that you never get better must be huge. If you ever do any fundraising for the cause, post it here and I for one will support you.
  9. Scaf

    Are you worried yet.

    Blimey, that sounds a little worrying but fingers crossed you can get back to full fitness. My neighbour has what they refer to as long COVID and is still breathless and unable to walk more than a few hundred yards without resting (she is in her mid 50’s). I count my blessings that I seem to...
  10. Scaf

    Are you worried yet.

    I thought I was going mad, not in the news and not on the web - it’s odd because they will publish it eventually.
  11. Scaf

    Stradale - Looks good value.

    Ah, you might have nailed it ;)
  12. Scaf

    Stradale - Looks good value.

    Three scenarios form my point of view: it’s a complete bargain it’s a heap load of trouble and will cost a fortune I paid too much for mine ;) I am hoping it’s 1 or 2 and my money is on 2.
  13. Scaf

    Rant Thread

    As you say, what a scumbag, fingers crossed he can be caught.
  14. Scaf


    Is was the rack - apologies for the confusion :eek:
  15. Scaf

    Importing a Car from the US

    Although most of it is loose laid, he has bonded it near the garage door and used a rubber edging to stop any water that might blow in. he also painted his to seal it.
  16. Scaf


    The 3rd party warranty that came with my GTS replaced my steering rack with no quibble. The key I believe is to go to the selling dealer and get them to make the claim.
  17. Scaf

    Granturismo problem!

    Well my contribution was a Steering wheel and MC R 1 select buttons so at least whatever he is building won’t be an auto :p
  18. Scaf

    Larini Cats - GT MC-Shift / MC Stradale

    My Classic Mustang has quite a roar, which is helped by the induction from 4x twin choke Webber’s 8x trumpets :cool:much louder than the Stradale (which is standard).
  19. Scaf

    BEWARE - KJB Parts

    I assume people are paying by credit card ? If so complaining to them may at least get his access to that payment facility withdrawn.
  20. Scaf

    Talking of Decals

    Do you mean something like this ? Personally if it or something very similar was not a factory option it would not be for me. But your car your choice