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  1. Froddy

    Maserati on ch4 at 8pm tonight!

    Public service announcement! My dad (fellow Trident fan) thinks it may have been on before ...
  2. Froddy


    In case anybody missed today's announcement(s), here's the link. Soooo excited!
  3. Froddy

    GT Winter Tyres

    For sale: part-worn Pirelli Sottozero (winter) tyres from my (past love) GT; the rears will fit my Ghibli S, but the fronts won't, so I'm selling the set. The tyres have c. 5mm of tread left and they cost approx £1,000 when new. I can't recommend winter tyres highly enough: they provide so...
  4. Froddy

    GT for sale

    All good things must come to an end! After 3 happy years with my beloved GT, the time has come for us to go our separate ways - boohoo! Felt sad to say goodbye to my GS, and will feel sad to say goodbye to this, my second Trident. Advert here (feel free to contact me, if interested, on...
  5. Froddy

    Battery removal

    Chaps! My GT had a totally unexpected power failure this morning and, having found the battery, am slightly bemused by the fact that the positive terminal is cloaked with a circuit board. Any advice as how safely to remove it so that I can change the battery would be greatly appreciated...
  6. Froddy

    Trofeo Maserati, Motors TV, 13.40 today

    A public service announcement!
  7. Froddy

    Farewell my baby; hello my darling!

    Well, after a nail-biting few months I have finally taken the plunge and said farewell to my beloved GS. For a while it looked as though I was going to have to buy something sensible but, due to a twist of fate (and the realisation that I was in a deep sulk), I followed my heart ... and stayed...
  8. Froddy

    New 2013 QP video

    Chaps, Here it is: It looks lovely, though a little too mainstream for my tastes: an XF front and an A4 rear - hope it's better in the flesh! Froddy
  9. Froddy

    Top Gear tonight!

    Looks like it's one to watch wih our favourite marque featured ... This is a public service announcement!
  10. Froddy

    Maserati Club Autumn Meet: Peckforton Castle 15-17 Oct

    Chaps, Is anybody planning to attend this event? Myself (in my GranSport) and the old man (in his 3200) will be joining the Sunday morning run down to Bala. Just wondering whether any forum members will be there for us to to meet?? Froddy
  11. Froddy

    Different rain in Italy?

    Chaps, Heavy rain has caused a rather curious electrical niggle in my MY05 GS .... The interior lights randomly flash on and off, which is slightly annoying but no more than that. The real problem is that the car takes me out of gear whilst stationary, and I have to accelerate to keep the...