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  1. whereskeith

    Anyone seen this , 4200 featured in video

    talk about the worst 4200 out there
  2. whereskeith

    eBay quattroporte 4.7 Gts There are holding really well compared to a 2011 GT S
  3. whereskeith

    Quattroporte GTS The price difference on these in the states seems wrong... Also wood inserts on a GTS ? was that an option ?
  4. whereskeith

    Anyone have any spare time oh and some spare cash ??
  5. whereskeith

    Alfieri update

  6. whereskeith

    MC Victory - Seen thru glass

    Go straight to 4.35 and enjoy.
  7. whereskeith

    Advice... Mc sportline

    Hi This has just come up for sale and at a certain price I would be very tempted.. it’s a 2012 USA spec Mc sportline. Shame it’s wrapped. Being a would it 2012 it would fall into variator territory especially as it has done 50k miles ? Anything else I should be looking out for if I view ?
  8. whereskeith

    alfa 75 evo Is this seriously worth that kind of money ?
  9. whereskeith

    Car Magazine online article Not something that we didnt already know but worth a read
  10. whereskeith

    The new Corvette

    what are everyone elses thoughts on this ? I actually really like it and base price around 60k usd.....
  11. whereskeith

    Good car photography location in Surrey

    Hi All. I am over in the uk to take my car out of storage and I want to get some good pics, does anyone know so good locations in Surrey area?
  12. whereskeith

    Gransport Tyres

    Hiya. I need 4 new tyres and I dont like the Pzero's that are on the car. Living in Spain what would you guys go for ? Also just noticed that I have 235/ 35 zr19 on the front and 265/30 zr19 on the back... shouldnt the height be the same ? Thanks
  13. whereskeith

    Dream spec Strad what a stunning car, great colour and spec... This is how I would like my strad to look if I was purchasing one
  14. whereskeith

    what do you guys think of this 4200

    There are some bits of it i actually like...
  15. whereskeith

    On this weeks Grand Tour.

    Just watched it... Is that a 3200 or 4200 gt making a very brief appearance.
  16. whereskeith


    Erm.... presented without comment...
  17. whereskeith

    Anyone know

    Hi All. This question is for anyone with some technical knowledge on GS or 4200. If I keep the car steady at say 3000rpm in 2nd or 3rd gear and maintain , there is a blip for a split second as if you suddenly take you foot of the throttle and the put it back. It’s not jerky , it’s like a...
  18. whereskeith

    Another magazine article which is wrong Clearly has not done his homework.... timing belt ? Price ? Gggrrrr.
  19. whereskeith

    812 Superfast

    I had the pleasure of driving another 812 on Friday, thought I would post some pics
  20. whereskeith

    Clock on GS

    Hi all. Quick question, the clock on my GS is running slow.. If I reset it and go for for a 30 min drive it will be 10-15 mins slow by the time I get home... On the plus side I can disappear for a 4 hour drive and claim to the mrs that I have only been 2 hours. Any ideas ?