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  1. dickygrace

    For sale H&R Spacers 22mm/15mm

    As per the title, I’ve a set of H&R Spacers for Granturismo. Easy to fit and original wheel bolts can be used. Front are 15mm, Rear 22mm. Done 3k miles on the car so all good. They’re about £350 new so £200 cash on collection or £225 posted and they’re yours... 07734394699, drop me a text or a...
  2. dickygrace

    2019 Ghibli Gransport Diesel

    We don’t get many Ghiblis in, but we’ve just got the best spec, and best value one we’ve ever had:
  3. dickygrace

    OEM GT Cover BNIB

    I have a brand new OEM cover for Granturismo BNIB, they go for around £400 new, £250 exc vat delivered if anyone wants. Pm me please or preferably text 07734394699 or email
  4. dickygrace


    Good friend of mine has told me a great deal about this stuff. Endless potential;
  5. dickygrace

    Spacers for Granturismo

    I have a set of H&R Spacers for sale, 23mm front and rear, they’ve been on a car for 9 months, 3000 miles. They’ll fit all Granturismo models. Around £500 new, £300 posted.
  6. dickygrace

    20” Trident Wheels

    I have a set of 20” Trident wheels going spare. They will have been refurbished in the past and are ready to fit, there are a couple of very small chips but nothing that you spot when fitted. Open to sensible offers. Fit Granturismo and Quattroporte V. I do have a set of decent used tyres I have...
  7. dickygrace

    20” Astro Wheels

    I have a set of Astro’s that had no kerb damage or buckles etc, just paint peel etc. I’ve just had them fully refurbished. They’re professionally done, shot blasted, powder coated etc. They’ve been done in Gun metal grey and have 12 month warranty from the wheel specialist. Please call...
  8. dickygrace

    CWC19 Tickets

    I know it’s a random place to ask but if you don’t ask you don’t get..... Found it nigh on impossible to get hold of any tickets for England’s World Cup matches or the semis and final. If anyone on here gets offered any and you’re not a cricket fan, please do get in touch. I’m a massive fan...
  9. dickygrace

    How tight are some folk?

    Why on earth would anyone feel the need to sell these, and surely no one would be daft enough to buy them. It really winds me up, they’re for the bin, which is why they’ve been removed from a car.
  10. dickygrace

  11. dickygrace

    2 New tyres for Quattroporte

    I have a pair of brand new rears for QPV GTS if anyone’s after some. They cost me £370 the pair, yours delivered for £300 as they’re taking up room in my cupboard: Pirelli Pzero PZ4 295/30/ZR20 XL 101Y.
  12. dickygrace

    Gransport Rear Wheel

    I have for sale a Gransport Rear Wheel. It is in Grigio Mercury, has a couple of very minor marks but unless very particular it doesn’t need refurbing. It has been welded once 7 years ago, so I’m pretty sure it’s a good weld. PM me offers please or call.
  13. dickygrace

    For sale sports exhausts

    I have for sale a set of straight through de-cat and X pipe exhausts for a 4200/Gransport. They were made by Supersprint at the cost of almost £1500, to be fitted to cars with the primary cats in the manifolds (i.e. most Gransports). They were fitted to a late Gransport which I have reverted...
  14. dickygrace

    Assetto Corsa Wheels For Sale

    For sale is a full set of Assetto Corsa wheels and tyres. They have been professionally refurbished by Lepsons and are fitted with a full set of nearly new Pirelli Pzeros. There are a couple of very light scratches on them that won’t even show up in a photo and a small chip near one of the...
  15. dickygrace

    Gransport or 4200 Grille For Sale

    I have a used Grille from a Gransport LE. It will fit a facelift 4200 or Gransport. A couple of the clip retainers aren't quite in place and one of the fixings is partially broken. However it will fit with no problems and will look spot on in situ. They're £450 new, I'll take £250 collected or...
  16. dickygrace

    Neptune Wheels for sale

    Set of Neptunes for Granturismo, £1350 collected, £1500 delivered. They are completely as new, in gloss black. Can be refurbed to Grigio Mercury or Silver if you wish for £300.
  17. dickygrace

    Larini Backboxes For Sale

    I have a set of Larini Backboxes for 4200 or Gransport for sale, superb condition, £1000 cash on collection or a very good offer, they're upwards of £1500 new: If you're coming to me, I can get them...
  18. dickygrace

    New website

    We have a new website as of 4pm today. It's not hugely different from our old one but should greatly improve the browsing experience from tablets and mobile devices. We have added features such as the ability to search the gallery of cars we've sold. Take a look if you wish, same address...
  19. dickygrace

    For Sale 20" Trident Wheels

    I've a lovely set of Tridents for sale, also on eBay: Less than half the cost of some, and the cheapest worldwide. Spot on and no repairs required, just fit them and off you go.
  20. dickygrace

    Baby seat

    I've a baby seat and base for sale. It fits a Granturismo. It is an official Maserati one, new and unused, still with tags. The base can be used when the seat is upgraded too. The seat I have is for newborn to 13kg. If it's up your street, just call, as I'm sure it's easier to discuss on phone...