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  1. stindig

    Aluminium flappy paddles for Granturismo and QP are here

    The CNC black-anodised aluminium shift levers are now available at £120.00 per set (inc postage) for forum members. I have to say that I am delighted with the way they have turned out.
  2. stindig

    Massive CO2 taxes introduced in France

    In France in 2021, examples of CO2-based tax rates, from the new sliding scale for petrol cars, will be as follows: 133g/Km - €50pa 142g/Km - €2,000pa 151g/Km - €4,000pa 158g/Km - €6,000pa 163g/Km - €8,000pa 169g/Km - €10,000pa through to 218g/Km and above - €29,070pa!!! So obviously this...
  3. stindig

    80s music dingbats

    Warning - significant liberties have been taken with the English language
  4. stindig

    Lockdown Irony Quiz

    Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia is the fear of what? A Canadian university was promoting safe sex by handing out condom packets attached to safety advice notes. The condoms were recalled – why? Why didn’t Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the telephone, ever speak to his wife or Mother on...
  5. stindig

    Lockdown (very) corny joke quiz

    Can you finish these corny jokes? 1. What kind of dog makes the best magician? 2. What does a Swedish Fred Flintstone yell? 3. A man enters a contest in his local newspaper. He sends in ten puns, hoping at least one of them would win, but unfortunately... ? 4. What is Whitney Houston’s...
  6. stindig

    Mysterious beeps on GTS startup

    Shortly after starting my GTS, I hear 5 very faint beeps. Anyone know what they mean?
  7. stindig

    CNC Components

    I thought I'd try and consolidate the various CNC threads into one. The following can be available, subject to sufficient demand: Granturismo dead pedal (brushed aluminium anodised) - £42.00 each Granturismo boot internal handle (matt black anodised) - £42.00 each Granturismo seat lever...
  8. stindig

    Granturismo CNC seat levers

    Just fitted first prototype CNC seat lever to my GTS. MUCH nicer than nasty plastic original that kept breaking. I need to amend the script to be the proper Maserati font but I've just sourced a wireframe for that. Any interest from anyone on the forum?
  9. stindig

    Carbon Interior Trim

    Carbon trim for the GTS is extraordinarily expensive from main dealers or 3rd party specialist suppliers e.g. passenger-side dashboard trim is £716. Would there be any interest if I could provide this item for £240? Or are there other carbon parts that people would purchase if they were circa...
  10. stindig

    Maserati emblem wire frame required

    I’m working on some CNC parts for GTS. Does anyone have a wire frame of the Maserati emblem? DYF, IGES or similar
  11. stindig

    When did the GT S become a Sport?

    This from Wikipedia: GranTurismo Sport (2012–present) Replacing both the GranTurismo S and S Automatic, the Granturismo Sport was unveiled in March 2012 at the Geneva Motor Show.[7][8] The revised 4.7L engine is rated at 460 PS (338 kW; 454 hp). The Sport features a unique, MC Stradale inspired...
  12. stindig

    Why are my wheel arches carpeted?

    Do I need underlay? Should I Shake'n'Vac? Seriously though, why?
  13. stindig

    Bluetooth audio quality for speech

    I'm happy with the audio quality for radio in my 2013 GTS as I just play Radio 5 Live via an aux cable from my iPhone. However, the voice quality on Bluetooth for telephone conversations is very poor - people on the other end complain that they can't hear me or that it is breaking up. Is this...
  14. stindig

    First time Maserati owner - GT S

    Hi all Just purchased my first Maserati - a 2013 Granturismo S in black. I was concerned before I bought it that I might be making a mistake as the 2011 Jag XFR I was trading in was more powerful, more practical and undoubtedly cheaper to run. But I've had the GT for 4 days now and I haven't...