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  1. safrane

    Anyone in Oz tried one of these?

    late night Internet browsing and I came across this. Any of our down under members tried it, and if so does it do as is claimed for the 4200 coupe range.
  2. safrane

    Ferrari Roma - Test Drive

    What a shame the Alfi' was still born.
  3. safrane

    Holiday cost - Italy 2020

    In the process of trying to sort out our holiday in France and Italy this September. Using all the typical comparison sites but surprised, given all the talk about apocalyptic holiday price crashing, at just how strong the prices are. Anyone any pointers to alternative, or should I hold off...
  4. safrane

    Anyone near Meridian Modena on Thursday 22/7/20 or Friday 23/7/20?

    I have a part being flown over from Italy tonight, which will then be posted to me in Gloucestershire, only to be posted back to Southampton to be fitted. If anyone can collect it on Thursday or Friday it would be a great help in getting it to Matt of this forum.
  5. safrane

    Stradales at Richard Grace Cars 18/7/20

    Couple of stunning MC Stradale in stock at Richards today.
  6. safrane

    Are we really that desperate for a drink?

    I pitty the police clearing the mess of drunken bodies tomorrow. 6AM...WTF.
  7. safrane

    Prepare for carnage

    If having to look elsewhere for loons on bikes was not bad enough we will shortly have these things running feral around our towns and cities. With little chance of enforcing the highway code with users I suspect it will just be bedlam.
  8. safrane

    More car tax?

    I see the climate brigade are hoping the Government will hit us with even more tax. Whilst I get the need to limit/cut emissions, this approach is only going to distance more people from the cause... too much stick and not enough carrot. I also feel disbelief with all these bodies thinking we...
  9. safrane

    Where are all the used Maserati?

    Like many I too frequently look at AT for that 'next car'. Note that the number of available Maserati has fallen by c100 cars. Additionally coupe are numbering 11, with GS at 10. Even GTs are low... and if you don't want a black or white car your choice is very small. So where are they all???
  10. safrane

    Harry Metcalf drives a Alfa SZ

  11. safrane

    Pleated Headlining in the GT

    Can anyone confirm if the GT ever came with the option of a pleated headlining as per the 4200/GS? All the cars i have seen appear to have very bland ceilings.
  12. safrane

    A question of taste... or lack therfore of

    To me this just looks odd (repugnant). The inside is a odds with the silly exterior, but I guess some may like.
  13. safrane

    EVO 275 July 2020

    Eight page spread on Maserari at the Nurburgring 24 hours in 2006 with the GS light cars... repeat artice but a nice read. Lots of Italian cars in this months paper.
  14. safrane

    London congestion charge rises again

    See the congregation charge is up again; now to £15.00 7 days a week 07:00 - 21:00. Apparently to save TFL and as part of their bail out conditions. Oh well its only Londeners.
  15. safrane

    Maserati Luggage Set 20/4/20

    On ebay.
  16. safrane

    GT Spare tyre

    Maybe of use to someone.
  17. safrane

    SM Covid challenge

    Hoping to set the fine members of SM a challenge during these difficult times. Most of you will have seen some upsetting video clips and social media post about staff in the front line and vulnerable people struggling to get some shopping in. Also aware many of you may be in enforced absence...
  18. safrane

    You Tube advice

    Aware their are some avid You Tuber types on here; Is there a way to download a video onto a device to watch later or edit onto other vids to create a playlist off line.
  19. safrane

    For our Lancia lovers
  20. safrane

    Some better news out of Italy