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  1. safrane

    Why Are My Nuts Sooo Tight.

    I always thought for a 5 stud wheel it was finger tight, then nip up with the brace then 12, 5, 7, 2, 10 torque to manufacture fig.
  2. safrane


    A holiday.
  3. safrane

    Ex-Dubai 4.2GT breaker available.

    Why would anyone want to make their Maser look like a Peugeot?
  4. safrane

    Petrol/Diesel new car ban

    I have a T8 hybrid and I'm well pleased... petrol when you need it and DC when you want to potter... 5.3 0-60 and in the first 6 weeks 98% journeys in electric according to the volvo app.
  5. safrane

    Strad for sale

    He's had a few Maserati for sale over the last couple of years... anyone had any dealings with them? Not interested in purchasing before any one asks... do too few Maser miles to sink that much into another one,
  6. safrane

    Dreaded MOT day!!

    Had my GS done on Wed with a clean bill of health. Is it worth getting it done again in the summer to re set the MOT clock as it had a 6 month extension ?
  7. safrane

    Audi TT Sport

    Rear seats!!! For hamsters no doubt.
  8. safrane

    Hoards of 'em, Thahsand's of 'em

    And to add insult to injury, as their bones are so light they shatter into the flesh, so ruined for the pot too. At least deer can be used after a collision.
  9. safrane

    Audi TT Sport

    Has Benny not got one as well?
  10. safrane

    Are you worried yet.

    The more I read of this thread the more I feel that the virus is a fate we deserve.
  11. safrane

    New Pension Rules

    Is he in your Bubble ;)
  12. safrane

    Are you worried yet.

    Funny that there is a barr on all Civil Servant Depts buying food for staff, including tea and coffee at training event's/ meetings etc... unless of course your Minister buys it and then claims back.
  13. safrane

    EASYMAS Diagnostic - Beta

    Yes, many waiting for release date.
  14. safrane

    The good morning thread

    Good god no... just access to special events not open to public and access to areas not available to the public. You still pay entry, but are given first choice of tickets etc. As I said, its only worth it if you regularly go to Goodwood, the hotel, Kennels etc for you 10% off.
  15. safrane

    The good morning thread

    Just opportunity and access... and a rew small freebies... unless you do all the events it is not worth it. Price drops at year 2 onward as there is no joining fee, just membership and that works out at the price of a daily coffee (if you drink that brown ****)
  16. safrane

    Chipped/scratched buttons

    impressive indeed... going to get mine done over the winter... rest of the car is like new and even though I replaced some buttons when I bought the car they are starting to look tired.
  17. safrane

    The good morning thread

    Received my GRRC full membership offer last week and promptly forgot to apply... follow up call this morning showed they had failed to calculate all my previous Fellowship payments which drop the price down... they also forgot to add the payments I made previous to my last offer of membership...
  18. safrane

    Red card for Maradona

    F**k me thats some lard.
  19. safrane

    The good morning thread

    Yes... in fact worse as my pension contributions were increased by £250 pcm and I have 7 years added on to my retirement age as well (and less pension)... so probably have the same take home wage as I did in 2004. Don't believe Gov hype that us Civil Servants have this and that and a gold...
  20. safrane

    The good morning thread

    So that's where all the forien aid budget goes!