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    Trickle battery charging - can you use a normal charger?

    Hiya Apologies for the daft question but I've never been in the fortunate position to be putting a maserati into hibernation before! I bought one of these : as a back up and now I'd like to use...
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    Booster seats for gts

    Hi all Has anyone found a booster seat that fits into the back seats? The bog standard ones are too wide and don't fit as snugly as my jameaters would like! Any recommendations? Ta T Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Some photos of my GTS after paint treatment

    HI Many thanks to Graeme @ azuri car care in Stevenage - I think it looks amazing!
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    ipod bluetooth adapter?

    Hi, Having picked up the maser at the weekend I was surpised to find the 20pin ipod adapter in the glovebox! I haven't had an ipod like this for a good few years. Has anyone tried to fit one of these or similar?
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    New GTS owner

    Hi All I'm have just recently taken the plunge and purchased a pre-reg GTS from HR Owen - rosso mondiale with matt graphite wheels. Can't wait to get my hands on the car and get involved in the forum. I wondered if you might be able to share your experiences on the following: 1)...