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  1. Rex B

    Which one 4200 GS Spyder or Stradale for £50K

    If you had the choose which would you choose, a mint 39K miles GS Spyder or a 50k miles 4 seater stradale. Rex B
  2. Rex B

    Becker radio code problem's

    Went for a drive to treat myself to an injection of speed and when l returned I noticed the radio was showing enter code. This was strange because it was working when I last looked but I have the code so I entered it but the radio will not accept it. I know its the correct code because I have...
  3. Rex B

    Cracked Front Hubs

    During a recent service at Mcgraths including checking the wishbones cracks were found in the front hub where the steering track rod end connects to the hub, so another item to add to the check list. I have written to Maserati and will see what they say but doubt I will get any joy. Rex B...
  4. Rex B

    Maserati UK Sales

    In this months Auto Italia Maserati has confirmed new record UK sales in April of 148 cars with 523 for the year so far a 65% increase on last year. It also reported positive results across Europe with sales increasing by 20% over the same period. The Ghibli Diesel also received a major mark...
  5. Rex B

    Formula Dynamics 19" Wheels for 4200/3200

    There is a new set of 192 wheels on Ebay for buy it now price of £1k if anyone is interested. Sorry, don't know how to attach link Rex B
  6. Rex B

    3200 new clutch

    I had a new clutch and flywheel fitted a month ago , went for a good drive over the weekend and the car is now so much more enjoyable and easier to drive in traffic with gear changes seem crisper, I suspect the fact that the clutch was old (60K) and flywheel was blued with some surface cracks...
  7. Rex B

    3200 handbrake shoes.

    Was looking through the europarts web site and noticed they had handbrake shoes available at £22.95 less discount code EGGCP25 worked out at just over £17 including free delivery. I have ordered a set ready for when mine need replacing. Rex B Manual 3200