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  1. Keano


    Anglia Car Auctions - 2002 MASERATI 4200 GT COUPE - Registration: JR51MAZ
  2. Keano

    Any insurance brokers here? Help needed

    Add extra (older) drivers to the policy as it can help bring it down - spreading of risk
  3. Keano

    Fm help. Aerial / antenna location

    On the QP5 there is an FM box on either side of the parcel shelf and the rear window has a both heated elements and FM aerial element which are delicate. Pics attached from when i had my rear window resealed/reseated as the glue had failed. I am guessing it is similar for the GT but may be wrong
  4. Keano

    Infortainment Bose - cant access settings

    A thought, are you able to save radio stations and access the library for music ? If not the disk may be the issue.
  5. Keano

    Infortainment Bose - cant access settings

    Italian reset - disconnect battery and follow reconnect procedure.
  6. Keano


    What failed ? Hard Disk perhaps...
  7. Keano

    Maserati Peterborough is no more....

    Effective Tuesday 30 June 2020, Marshall =AZUYXffSbVVyEMSyNJZhxlRrawdZ-PuHIyJEsz1NBR1W6OKW9moF3RmZzJI8ZaKfMfjCI2Fcn3u1wN8Wp_vB-v8aAZ8wrYDgnvEXBOAr8G1lPNwPCp9W0FbyZB1Jn160f8_BxXe_vQuHrUWZNZcCbIYwp18gZWbzQpfPngP-gQzpPMpijkxa6lZcKQ_LzLS38bDxvyaeXEQvlLzgncdHDVvy&tn=NK-R']#Maserati...
  8. Keano

    Clicking noise

    My one does this sometimes and not an issue more of a tapping comes and goes and also think it could be purge valve.
  9. Keano

    Left stranded for the first time

    "Lock down is over where I live, so I thought it would be fun to drive there for once..." Battery needs a recharge and a good blast. Mine was the same a week ago. I never have battery issues but not driving it due to lock down gave me christmas tree lights, CEL and an engine coughing like a...
  10. Keano

    Couple of QPV Issues

    I had the Aircon issue last week with hot going to driver and cold to passenger. Disconnect battery for an hour and follow the reconnect procedure and it fixed it. Will possibly do the mirrors as well.
  11. Keano

    QP Duoselect and Variators

    Check the engine number to confirm if variators will be a possible issue - see attached. If they have been done then you should not have any issues.
  12. Keano

    Mesh WiFi - any experts on here

    I put in a Ubiquiti 2 years ago and its been a great piece of kit. Whatever one you go for get one with PoE (power over ethernet) and mount it on the ceiling for best coverage - with PoE you only need a network cable and no power at the location you mount the device. It replaced 2 cheap ones...
  13. Keano

    HR/employment advice urgently required are good and i have used them.
  14. Keano

    Different head unit on this 2009 QPV?

    looks like the Bose option i have in mine
  15. Keano

    How its made: Dream Cars Maserati Quattroporte

    Will be on at 02:30 am on Discovery Turbo Sunday 12th April. Early hours but worth recording - 30 mins
  16. Keano


    Labour was less than 1K back in 2015 but that may have been a trade price as it was a warranty repair. May not be relevant but i do recall they struggled to get parts from Maserati in a timely manner so went for Ferrari parts for the Solenoid or Oil Pressure Valve - cannot remember which or...
  17. Keano


    50K miles later and no problems since this fix back in 2015....
  18. Keano

    Car sales

    Guy with a bunch of second hand garages locally says last year was tough but this virus has so far been good as people who were commuting to work on public transport and maybe not needing a car are now buying second hand cars to avoid public transport. Once they go back to work they will likely...
  19. Keano

    Harry's Garage

    my youth is currently there and have met a bunch of his mates who are all spot on though they are primarily the rugby lads. quite a few from USA there though
  20. Keano

    QP/GT front subframes - the truth

    Try Barr Tech in Cambridge or Rustbusters in Spalding, Lincs