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  1. Andyk


    Agree Phil...Not the best advert but I would have to take a look if in the market as that’s probably up to 10k of upgrades.
  2. Andyk


    a Good luck with the sale buddy....Have you decided what to replace it with yet.....Thought your name may have been on the 46k Stradale........I also know you are partial to a Bamford Rose Vantage. See there is a 2015 car with full BR upgrades for sale at 47k also......Low miles, face lift car...
  3. Andyk

    I’m at Varano Circuit driving this GT4MC today...

    Brilliant....what an experience...
  4. Andyk

    The good morning thread

    Gide morning all.....Quiet day today after yesterday with the EHO in site doing a food internal COVID audit....passed and a visit from the CEO......They could have spread this out through the week. Ah well all done now I suppose.
  5. Andyk

    LM002 For Sale

    A Lada Riva is better looking than this thing.
  6. Andyk

    Jenny Agutter's Page.

    I was trying to ignore it Matt....
  7. Andyk

    MC Stradale purchase!

    Same here. I think it looks great with it graphics. Red looks fantastic in a Stradale and it's a shame there aren't more. Yes the interior is not for everyone which maybe why it's hung around but I wouldn't be put off.
  8. Andyk

    STR4D number plate

    4K just so you can look a cock........ :-)
  9. Andyk

    Maseratis - Spotted

    Nit a Maserati but something g you don't see everyday....On the M5 around 5:45 heading toward Bristol in the pooring rain a Ferrari F40 reg F40 J8 followed closely by a new 911 Turbo and a 911 GT3 RS......
  10. Andyk

    Cheshire Newbie!!!!

    A big warm welcome Sam....
  11. Andyk

    The good morning thread

    A very good Tuesday morning to all.....
  12. Andyk

    LM002 For Sale

    Agree, ugly as a bag of boll0cks....Makes the Levante look like a beauty Queen which is no mean feet ........Not for me thank you.
  13. Andyk

    "New" 2 seat Strad

    With you in that one. Never really understood wanteing it louder as it sounds great out of the box.
  14. Andyk

    The good morning thread

    Good, morning to all.....Back to it then.........Looks like a 17 day lock down in Wales from next Friday. I get what they are trying to do but until the whole of the U.K. does the same what is the point. It will never have the desired effect unless we all do the same.
  15. Andyk

    "New" 2 seat Strad

    That's just great news. Great to see one if a great colour rather than the norm. Look forward to hearing about your adventures with her.
  16. Andyk

    Top Gear

    I doubt Chris thinks that when he looks at his bank balance and goes to take a look in his garage... Worth noting for anyone who follows Chris Harris he thinks the world of Paddy and Freddie and they just laugh constantly. Chris lives by me and I know people that are good friends with him and...
  17. Andyk

    Top Gear

    It would imagine it wouldn't be worth program makers doing one as Top Gear changed as rating were showing a pure car show wasn't working.....I think we are in a minority these days. Add to the fact that there are loads of them on you tube like Harry's Garage, Seen Through Glass, Smee, XCAR, etc...
  18. Andyk

    Motorway 60mph Air Quality Trial

    In Newport on the M4 there is an area where it goes down to 50 because the signs say kill speed air pollution kills.....Now, I don't know a lot about this stuff but surely if you are doing 70 you get through this area quicker so less pollution.....Or if you go 50 you are in the area for longer...
  19. Andyk

    The Film Thread

    Started to watch bored and fell asleep. I think Daniel Craig's accent didn't help. My son stayed the course and watched it all though.