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  1. abyss

    Gearbox and transmission oil

    I have a new bottle of this Agip Transmission oil which I won't need anymore. Pm me if interested. I'm in Melbourne.
  2. abyss

    Sports Maserati brake discs - third group buy

    1. Catman V2 2. MrCoop 3. Marlon 4. Abyss 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  3. abyss

    Sports Maserati brake discs - second group buy

    I'm in for a set if it is not too late.
  4. abyss

    Water leak fixed (not from the drainage pipe)

    Ive circled amd pointed the area needs to be sealed. Sent from my GT-I9506 using Tapatalk
  5. abyss


    Im in Australia and car is imported from UK 3 years ago by me. 2006 GS with 38k miles on clock. Jack the car up and put the front wheels on ramp. Here is the photos of front arms. Looks ok to me but bushes are no good. Now should i replace the bushes or arm?
  6. abyss

    Water leak fixed (not from the drainage pipe)

    The water went inside the cabin from here.
  7. abyss

    Water leak fixed (not from the drainage pipe)

    I parked my GS outside of the garage few months ago for few nights (car is always garaged during my last 3 years ownership). It ended up with water puddle inside the passanger footwell. I dismantled almost everything from back seat to front seat. Checked the famous drainage tube which has...
  8. abyss

    Will Larini sports cats cause a CEL?

    I've got the straight thru catless front pipes. No issue at all.
  9. abyss

    New to the forum and with some exhaust questions.

    Hi Felix, im in Melbourne with the maseratioz group. I think I've seen your car near hawthorn east regularly. Btw I have a Larini X pipe that I don't think I will need it anymore. My car setup is the supersprint cat bypass front pipes and Tubi exhaust which im very happy with. Let me know if...
  10. abyss

    KW ver.3

    So How is the ride comfort and handling of the KW V3 compare stock suspension in Sport mode?
  11. abyss

    Carbon fibre headlight fittings....3200/4200...oooooooohhhhhhhhh

    Has anyone tried to open the headlamps? Not that Im interested of this but I want to give the inside a proper clean.
  12. abyss

    Flies in the front bumper lights

    I would also like to know exactly how to remove the foglight.
  13. abyss

    Exhaust Mod Stage 2 Sports Cats

    Sounds great Mate.
  14. abyss

    Clutch reduced price on eurospares, great price?

    Anyone knows the Sachs p/n for the 4200 clutch kit? this could save us a lot of money.
  15. abyss

    Changing springs???

    I have seen either Eibach or H&R has a part no. for the 4200. Not sure if they are actually available?
  16. abyss

    SM Exhaust

    Fantastic sound. PM sent
  17. abyss

    Spacesaver request

    I've got a Volvo spare wheel from my mate. I have yet to try it since I haven't got a spacer yet and there is no way it will clear the caliper without a spacer. I did try to put it into the boot which is impossible to fit The tyre is way too big for the wheel well.
  18. abyss

    Best GS exhaust note

    Below is the best exhaust sound Ive ever heard. Anyone knows what exhaust this car has?
  19. abyss

    SM Exhaust

    Thanks. Just thinking whether I should get Larini valved boxes ?
  20. abyss

    New Ghibli photos on Piston Heads

    I will be in Shanghai next weekend for work. I will pop in the motorshow and have a closer look.