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    Supplier check

    Are you thinking of KJB? The Dutch supplier. There's a thread on him somewhere. Good thought about a US model functioning here - radio reception may be an issue but don't know tbh.
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    Suspension Lift Kit / Granturismo

    Many "homies" in your hood?
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    Are you worried yet.

    Phil's harmonic?
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    Gransport Clutch renewed after 21.500 kms

    Maybe one from the dodgy batch - about the right time.
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    Creaking Suspension?

    Always refreshing to read when these cars are being driven rather than sitting around collecting dust. I've a fair way to go before reaching the ton but trying hard to catch up :smile: There's a chap on ML who has approx. 170k on his coupe. Not sure how many of those he did but he did say the...
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    Yes - a couple of years ago. Think it was 5K then. Most likely a precaution to weed out virtual tyre kickers. As I didn't "win" the deposit was returned within a couple of days. Found them very straight forward to deal with.
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    Creaking Suspension?

    A record here for an individual's Maser perhaps? Fabulous!
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    Audio Installation

    Chap on Maseratilife has OEM GT 2015 parts for sale. Maybe if a decent price it could be a possible consideration.
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    The world has gone mad

    Currently 5-1 v Tesla. The 1 isn't an aberration though - it was let go. Knowing what would be round the blind corner it was desperate to get to first :smile:
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    PIS or DBW upgrade

    Forum "opinion" always vary but always best to form your own. If you can try before you buy even better. The short answer is yes. Although not limited to sport mode. This characteristic is exactly what I like about the module. Maserati's interpretation of F1 software in later Coupes was...
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    What ya listening to now ???

    What a fabulous few days of late Summer sunshine … Hmmm, mellow:
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    GS dash vs 4200

    It was almost certainly their hub based system using equipment from 10+ years ago. Decent enough at the time given the alternatives of the day. Have a look at Sablewolf's recent thread instead.
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    Audio Installation

    Would suggest giving Audiofile in Bishops Stortford a call. Whilst they may not have installed this particular unit they do know the GT well and they've had an excellent reputation for years. It would mean a fair journey but they can offer a courtesy car.
  14. Navcorr

    PIS or DBW upgrade

    Will the module turn a GT car into a race car. No. I would add, imho, the module makes most sense at lower speeds/revs. Particularly around town where clutch engagement and, therefore, usability is transformed. ^^ This. I don't use the faster of the two settings either which, agreed, is...
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    Wanted. Manual 3200.

    "Wildo-liver". You've found the right forum! :smile: Welcome & enjoy your search.
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    Had the same - bonded a spacer to the bottom of the filter box. Perhaps a bit Mr H Robinson - but it works.
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    Curve card

    Cash? Soooo 80s :smile:
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    So Long and Thanks for All the Fish

    KBO Dave, cheers, Neil.
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    Facelift or not?

    Although, to help confuse matters, some may have swapped out the earlier cigarette lighter unit for the later cup holder. Wasn't there a group buy some time ago or am I thinking someone made their own holder? As Twinspark said - thought facelifts had the blue & white speedo dials.