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  1. MrMickS

    ITCAM 4 - 4th October, Newby Hall

    Italian Cars and Motorcycle Extravaganza 4 (ITCAM) has been confirm for 4th October at Newby Hall. In order cope with the COVID regulations entry this time is strictly by pre-booked ticket (£10 car + driver, £4 per passenger). Details are here I'm going...
  2. MrMickS

    Auto Italia Northern Italian Car Day - Raby Castle, Saturday 5th September 2020

    This was originally planned for 12th July but cancelled due to the lockdown etc. It has now been rearranged for the 5th September providing things have eased sufficiently to allow it to go ahead. Its a pay on the gate event rather than pre-booked. I'm not sure about car club area etc. At the...
  3. MrMickS

    Shell V-Power Electric

  4. MrMickS

    Italian Car Breakfast Meet at The Motorist Hub

    This is a new monthly meeting at The Motorist in Sherburn-in-Elmet on the 2nd Sunday of the month from 10:00. I went along to the last one and it was well attended, but mostly by Alfabook members. I was in the only Maserati and there was a chap there with a Ferrari as well. Parking is plentiful...
  5. MrMickS

    Harald Wester back at Maserati

    In the shake up following the loss of Sergio Marchionne, Harald Wester is now back in charge at Maserati as the COO ( What do we think...
  6. MrMickS

    Milestone passed

    Another milestone passed today Averaging just over 23 mpg over the miles and I’ve used 14 tyres [emoji3] Service booked later this week. I’ve got a quote for it. Let’s see what it actually comes in at.
  7. MrMickS

    Cars In The Park - Lotherton Hall 23rd Sept 2018

    The autumn cars in the park at Lotherton Hall is on this Sunday. We'll be taking the Ghibli and Spider as long as the forecast doesn't change for the worse by tomorrow morning. Is anyone else going? If so what club are you going with and is there a meet up planned? Tickets for club stands are...
  8. MrMickS

    York Cars & Coffee

    There's a Cars & Coffee event at a car storage and detailers place near me in York on 6th October starting @ 9:30. Its held at and is an informal gathering with free tea, coffee, and bacon sandwiches. I've been to the last couple but am away for this one. I know...
  9. MrMickS

    Embarrassing MPG

    The computer readout from the trip back from Beaulieu yesterday. It really isn’t a diesel!
  10. MrMickS

    Silverstone Classic 2018

    Anyone going to the Silverstone Classic this year? We'll be there all three days and parked up on the infield. Will be hopping, with that being the operative word, between the Maser Club area and the stands to watch the racing.
  11. MrMickS

    Lancia Flavia Spider for auction

    Got an email about this today Sadly I’ve neither the money nor the room for it at the moment. Hopefully someone can find it a good home. SORNed and no MOT details available so it’s a...
  12. MrMickS

    Beaulieu Supercar Weekend 2018

    This year its on 4-5th August. Is anyone planning on going? I'll be there for Saturday at least, and probably the Sunday as well. The last show I went to at Beaulieu was great, really looking forward to this one.
  13. MrMickS

    Parking Brake Failure

    Ghibli is just out of warranty so of course things start to break. Just moved it and its showing a 'parking brake failure' message and a symbol on the dash. There was a clunk when it set off, but it should just disengage when you move, and its done that before when its been left for a few days...
  14. MrMickS

    Reversing lights?

    Should be a quick one. How many reversing lights should I have? Just one on the nearside or should it be two? Just watched M reverse the car and I can only see one.
  15. MrMickS

    SUV Superbuild

    Just come across SUV Superbuild on quest about building the Levante. Looks interesting.
  16. MrMickS

    Smaller SUV to be built at Mirafiori

    According to this the current MiTo production line will be converted to build a smaller Maserati SUV from the end of July. The new SUV will be based on the Giulia/Stelvio platform. Still no news on what will be...
  17. MrMickS

    ITCAM 2018 - Newby Hall - 3rd June

    This years Italian Cars and Motorcycles Day will be at Newby Hall on 3rd June. This is smaller than the earlier Cars in the Park and a little more select. Its a tenner in per car, including driver and up to three passengers, no booking needed. Details can be found here...
  18. MrMickS

    Levante GTS/Trofeo Next Week?

    According to this the Levante GTS will officially appear next week along with a more powerful Trofeo version. I know that people will think that putting either moniker on an SUV...
  19. MrMickS

    Italian Car Night - Squires Cafe 22nd March

    This recently popped up on my Facebook. The monthly Yorkshire Italia meet is going to be this Thursday at Squires Cafe near Sherburn-in-Elmet starting at 18:30. As this isn't too far from me I'll probably nip down as long as its not raining. Does anyone else fancy it?
  20. MrMickS

    TPMS Again

    I've had an on off battle with the TPMS system since I bought the car. I get a 'Service Tire Pressure System' alert pop up on a fairly regular basis. It stays until I pump up the tyres .2 above the recommended values and get a long run in to clear the fault. There is no way to clear the fault...