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  1. Keano

    Maserati Peterborough is no more....

    Effective Tuesday 30 June 2020, Marshall =AZUYXffSbVVyEMSyNJZhxlRrawdZ-PuHIyJEsz1NBR1W6OKW9moF3RmZzJI8ZaKfMfjCI2Fcn3u1wN8Wp_vB-v8aAZ8wrYDgnvEXBOAr8G1lPNwPCp9W0FbyZB1Jn160f8_BxXe_vQuHrUWZNZcCbIYwp18gZWbzQpfPngP-gQzpPMpijkxa6lZcKQ_LzLS38bDxvyaeXEQvlLzgncdHDVvy&tn=NK-R']#Maserati...
  2. Keano

    How its made: Dream Cars Maserati Quattroporte

    Will be on at 02:30 am on Discovery Turbo Sunday 12th April. Early hours but worth recording - 30 mins
  3. Keano

    Manifold Leak - other jobs worth doing ?

    Have a small crack when cold on the RHS manifold so will be removing this for welding or replacement. Any other jobs to be done while the Cats and Manifold is off ? thx Keano
  4. Keano


    Car due in for a service but seems to be slight oil leakage from these devices. Can someone shed light on what they are. thx
  5. Keano

    Space Saver

    Picked up a MITSUBISHI 3000GT GTO COMPLETE SPACE SAVER SPARE WHEEL on Ebay and based on previous threads it seems it will be the right one ( not arrived yet) for my 2009 QPV. Any thoughts on the bolts to use or will the standard ones work thx keano
  6. Keano

    Mongol Rally Banger needed

    My son is going on the Mongol Rally soon and needs a vehicle to make the trip. 1.3L or less preferred but open to any suggestions if anyone has a car they want to get rid of.... Will be doing around 10K over a period of a couple of months and will have 3 young men treating it to a good run out...
  7. Keano

    Knocking ? possibly suspension

    I have had a knocking when i go over manholes etc. and had the front left roll bar link changed which improved the issue but there was still some slight knocking that seems to be getting worse. Any ideas on common issues with QP5 2009 ? thx Keano
  8. Keano

    World's Most Expensive Cars - 2.30 Saturday Channel 4. 2 Maserati's

    Episode 3 - Ferrari Spyder & Two Maseratis Ant Anstead is in Monaco watching over the sale of a rare Ferrari Spyder, valued at a whopping £19 million. And Dutch car hunter Tonnie is on the trail of a couple of Maseratis...
  9. Keano

    About to pull trigger on new rear shocks

    Anyone got any better options than MD for new rear shocks on a 2009 QP ? thx Keano
  10. Keano

    CEL and low coolant

    Have had intermittent heating for a few days and today after not driving for a week and doing about 70 miles i stopped and got a CEL. Everything seemed normal and car was fine but later i noticed that the temp gauge was showing high but sometimes normal when i stopped. When it all cooled down...