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  1. philw696

    Pic of the day

    Oh Dear I've started something again :)
  2. philw696

    Pic of the day

    Not always like that morning or evening. Enjoyed living there for a good few years.
  3. philw696

    Pic of the day

    Weston super Mare at night.
  4. philw696

    Maseratis - Spotted

    Wow that's some Great pictures on McGrath's website.
  5. philw696

    Brexit Deal
  6. philw696

    Educated guess why its started to sound like a clockwork orange...?

    Interesting it ain't your injectors then. The Cat cleaner you have put through has gone through them since so I wouldn't be putting anything else through other than premium fuel. Having had a few of these engines apart over the last 10 years I have not seen one dirty internally ever.
  7. philw696

    Educated guess why its started to sound like a clockwork orange...?

    Try putting a fuel injector cleaner in the fuel tank and take her fora good drive.
  8. philw696

    Can of worms = Open

    Timing chains for sure and engine out as they are at the bulkhead end did some in NZ.
  9. philw696

    Pic of the day

  10. philw696

    The good morning thread

    Morning all and acheing here from up the ladders again. Got me thinking about Fred Dibnah so I showed his work to Ms French what a Legend in my opinion. Feel for you Andy major works on property almost always go the wrong direction cost wise. Stay Safe all.
  11. philw696

    2020 weight loss and fitness accountability club

    Blimey mate looks like you have had a kicking from somebody. Take care and make sure the wife doesn't kerb the wheels on the new motor. On the plus side a good time to be a milf hunter on the Gold Coast ;)
  12. philw696

    I purchased a Maserati Coupe 2005 for 5 300 pounds....

    Very nice especially without the facelift grill it transforms the front of the car. Looking forward to seeing her improve as you go along.
  13. philw696

    Why I do most maintenance myself.

    To be fair I'm glad and so lucky to have started out with guys of your generation and the ones before who taught so much in the automotive world.
  14. philw696

    Pic of the day

    Uphill Weston super Mare this evening.
  15. philw696

    Fulvia 1600 HF

    Nice action picture of a HF.
  16. philw696


    Totally agree absolutely Stunning.
  17. philw696

    Can of worms = Open

    Woo hoo Max and Paddy :)
  18. philw696

    Can of worms = Open

    Any good Chris ?
  19. philw696

    Are you worried yet.

    Not sure if this is true but Chris Witty is advising the Government that they need to lockdown for two weeks reported by the Mail.
  20. philw696

    What you drinking now?

    What a Stunning view I'm enjoying that with a 1664 Blonde bio.