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    Gordon Murray T50

    Batmobile.... Eb
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    Electric Cars

    My brother visited over the weekend with his Jaguar I-Pace. Can't fault the dynamics when you floor it - it is epic. 0-60 in 4.6 secs But, practicality-wise it's a non starter, an evolutionalry dead end until they sort out the charging infrastructure or they get more miles out of the battery...
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    Hitting the rev limiter in an MC Shift manual mode

    Pretty heinous crime in my book Eb
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    Hitting the rev limiter in an MC Shift manual mode

    Always hitting the rev limiter. It's the law! Unfortunately with mine, it changes up automatically so difficult to hold it at just over 7K. Eb
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    Workshop & Garage Project

    Is this actually some sort of "dungeon" project... :cool: Eb
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    Lambo Doors

    I have...:worried1: But all good Eb
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    Lambo Doors

    Go on - lets see you pimp up your ride! Why stop at the doors? FD have a body kit to get started with.. You'll also need to lower the stance and...
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    The good morning thread

    Master Eb + Master Eb's GF returning from town @ 3.15 am.... Eb Played around with the apostrophe and this one looked the best
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    Maseratis - Spotted

    Not sure I'd go so far as to having a tattoo showing my my allegiance to the marque though! Eb
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    The good morning thread

    Thanks Dan, knew you'd be along to enlighten Entirely agree with you but we have sprung flooring too. This sort of thing needs to be designed in at the outset, or treat large radiators as installation art sculptures or metal wall paper! Eb
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    Maseratis - Spotted

    Name is F BUIY? Eb
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    QPV - Alloy Wheel colour code?

    Never had a problem with Pzeros, but am moving to Michelins to see if I can spot the difference. Front done, waiting for the rears to go. Eb
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    Maseratis - Spotted

    It passed? Eb
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    The good morning thread

    So have we! Not quite as venerable - 29 years or so. Getting serviced tomorrow. I'm presuming that cost savings will take years to pay for a replacement. One point I have with these new more efficient boilers is that I understand that the efficiencies assume a well insulated house, which means...
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    NC500 in October

    I researched where to stay on the NC500 last week and a number of the places are not opening up at all this year or have some limiting restrictions Glenmorangie House - Need to book 3 rooms Smoo Lodge - Min 2 nights Scourie Hotel - Not opening until April 2021 Inverlodge - Not opening until...
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    Ageing posts

    *Coolabah, for those that wooden know, it's a type of eucalyptus for us Northen hemispherians Eb
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    Newbie from Newcastle

    Welcome! What's the story on blowing up the old engine though? Eb
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    Ageing posts

    We have fish ones too- @MarkMas will root them out I'm sure. Eb
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    Italian day at brands hatch

    So who's going? 1. Devonboy 2. Bobby D 3.
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    My turn for battery probs....

    Not sure he was talking about battery terminals.... ;) so advice may need to be qualified. Eb