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  1. zagatoes30

    Mercedes C250 AMG Sports Plus (2013).. SOLD

    Well done although personally not a fan of the Coupe but each to their own
  2. zagatoes30

    Ceramic coatings!

    Clay bar was a revelation to me when I first tried it, gives a super smooth base to start to add polish layers
  3. zagatoes30


    It's a different mindset, I played at school with Neil Fairbrother, Lancs & England, his commitment was a different level although he was a better rugby player but he preferred cricket
  4. zagatoes30

    Savings Interest Rates Getting Worse

    Watch the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves as my Dad would have said
  5. zagatoes30

    The good morning thread

    Morning all, I want to know why we are missing out on all this sun, warm here but generally been cloudy all week
  6. zagatoes30

    Cycling newbie

    Says the man who spent his hard earned an R4 !!
  7. zagatoes30

    Cycling newbie

    Similar to mine which is a 2013 but hardly used, I paid £300 for it
  8. zagatoes30

    The good morning thread

    Morning all, back to normal WFH
  9. zagatoes30

    The good morning thread

    Morning all, strange actually going into the office today
  10. zagatoes30

    Dented pride

    Anorak spot, is that a 155 rear quarter in the background?
  11. zagatoes30


    Ar5e has he ever driven one?
  12. zagatoes30

    The Road to Le Mans 2020

    Don't we all
  13. zagatoes30

    Ageing posts

    Its plane to see we are all getting knotted up, time to leaves this thread before my brain turns to sawdust
  14. zagatoes30

    The good morning thread

    Morning all, bit late this morning after playing catch-up with calls from yesterday
  15. zagatoes30

    Ageing posts

    Syca-more wood puns, another thread that needs to be destroyed by a wildfire
  16. zagatoes30

    Ageing posts

    Some comments on here are sub-lime the things some will go to to be poplar ;)
  17. zagatoes30

    116 Giulietta

    Happy now? Just a quick rub and spray to tidy it up - I will do the job properly when I have sometime
  18. zagatoes30

    Cycling newbie

    I asked some bike friends same question a few years back and was pointed at Merida, they generally are better spec for the money than most of the well known brands, I went Cube MTB for the same reason. Being over here there is less access to off road trials near here so I went looking for a...
  19. zagatoes30

    Cycling newbie

    The first evidence we get that front wheel drive just doesn't work ;)