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  1. hunta

    Gransport exhaust options - some before and afters....

    The video will presumably be normalising sounds levels so hard to tell which is louder relatively speaking, but I'd go for tone-less-drone any day. Did you try X with the rest standard?
  2. hunta

    Gransport exhaust options - some before and afters....

    I agree with Tim... A and leave something to the imagination. B and C sound like you might be scattering valves behind you, rather like my neighbour's Vauxhall Astra.
  3. hunta

    Next step:

    @conaero just obliterated the garage envy competition. Looks lovely!
  4. hunta

    Cycling newbie

    Whereabouts are you?
  5. hunta

    Cycling newbie

    Off road will give you a better work out than on as you need to move around the bike. Plus it's more mentally stimulating, and it'll keep Benny off your back :) I personally wouldn't go anywhere near any kind of road that isn't a quiet lane, which makes road cycling difficult if you want to hook...
  6. hunta

    Cycling newbie

    Ragley Marley 2.0 Lights second blue touch paper...
  7. hunta

    Why I'm Making My Own Brakes

    Do a quick search for Matt's recent posts and all will be revealed.
  8. hunta

    GS back boxes on 4200

    That's my understanding - they'd be open.
  9. hunta

    GS back boxes on 4200

    If I could have them open permanently on my GS (independently from sport mode) I would. It doesn't make an enormous difference, so you may want to consider fitting as is first, if you haven't already.
  10. hunta

    Gransport MPG - Owners experience.

    "...although it is a Porsche, and not a Maserati." Just felt your otherwise excellent balance of arguments was missing that vital piece. :)
  11. hunta

    There shall, in that time, be *rumors* of things going astray, errrm, and there shall be a great confusion as to where things really are....

    A friend of mine lost his on a beach in Thailand on his honeymoon. Then a week later another friend of ours, who'd happened to book a similar holiday, found it! I wish you similar levels of luck with yours!
  12. hunta

    Awesome hotels in the UK

    Best for The Lakes (Windermere). Great restaurant, though must admit haven't been there in a while.
  13. hunta

    Chipped/scratched buttons

    I agree, it's the shipping that's put me off to date too. Alternatively, put together a spare set (of hen's teeth), send that off for refurb and fit on receipt. Then the sticky set out of your car becomes a spare set for someone else. I tried to put together a spare set for the GS a while back...
  14. hunta

    Anyone near Meridian Modena on Thursday 22/7/20 or Friday 23/7/20?

    Hi @safrane - is the idea to get the part to Sports Italia? If so I'm hoping my car will be ready for collection from there over the next couple of days. I'm coming from S Bucks but don't mind going via Meridien - should only add half an hour or so. All dependent on arrival of the part needed...
  15. hunta

    Pic of the day

    Interesting - my wife uses it all the time. I just assumed it's 'cos she's a Scouser.
  16. hunta

    Maseratis - Spotted

    Silver 3200 parked up in Amersham this afternoon, lovely to see.
  17. hunta

    SB Race Engineering

    What don't I know?
  18. hunta

    SB Race Engineering

    In looking for specialists closer to home for the smaller jobs I came across these guys again. They now seem to be based in Aylesbury. Looks like they're mostly Ferrari and Lamborghini, like many places these days it seems, but do still list Maserati servicing...
  19. hunta

    Prestige Autoworks - Servicing

    Heads up for anyone expecting Dale this week. He was due with me tomorrow, and having managed to get in touch with him at the weekend he's dropped me a line this evening to let me know that his van is out of action. I'm sure he'll be in touch if he can't get to you but thought it worth posting...
  20. hunta

    Prestige Autoworks - Servicing

    Can I ask how people have managed to contact Dale recently please? I think he's snowed under with work and unable to reply to phone calls, texts and emails. I ask as he's meant to be coming to me next week but needs more details, and I can't get hold of him to square everything up. Thank you.