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    Newbie from Ayrshire

    Welcome Scott. When I hear you going past, on the other side of the North Channel, I'll give you a wave :welcome1:
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    If that was the series set in a detached and isolated house, where man sized (or bigger) haystack shaped stones appeared in a big field and slowly approached the house, without being seen to move, then yep. I still regularly have the odd dream that's exactly the same, or a variation of. Must be...
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    Thanks for the heads up. Should still be on my mobile. Better copyright it :) Around that time, I was leading a social media start-up and it might've been published on that originally. Awful memory. Can't recall exactly.
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    Seriously? There's not very many places I ever published it. Facebook and I can't recall where else. Thats hilarious. That you've seen it somewhere.
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    Again. No real technical merit. Shot in Montpellier in late summer 2014. Was trying to capture some typical Sunday afternoon street scenes, in a tiny 'place' in the old town that was a cluster of bars. More for locals, than tourists. Taken with a well used Canon compact camera.
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    Yes! Absolutely. He even put the ramp down, so the donkey wouldn't trip or stub a hoof :) The locals who were there didn't seem a bit fazed. The rest of us, stood gawping, with our jaws hanging open.
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    This has no technical merit whatsoever. I was waiting for a bus, while standing outside the Irish Central Bank, a stone's throw from Trinity College, Dublin, just visible at the end of the street. This guy appeared with his donkey. Took it onto the bus. Bus drove off, towards North Dublin. Taken...
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    Can't look at a puffin, without salivating at the thought of a well chilled pint of draught. Bloody advertisers! ;)
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    What ya listening to now ???

    True. He admitted this, at this concert Joe Walsh available on YouTube, where he explained how this song was written. I suspect that, if confronted, Joe Walsh might suggest that rock and roll is more art than fact and that a certain amount of poetic licence is accepted. [Poetic licence - the...
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    What ya listening to now ???

    Joe Walsh - Life's Been Good To Me So Far. With the lines at 01.55, "My Maserati does 185. I lost my licence. Now I don't drive." Let's be honest. Anyone who can live this line, doesn't have a completely hopeless life." :cool: Joe Walsh
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    Long Time Lurker

    Welcome Scott. Beautiful car. Best avoiding this Grounding where possible. Some people. Mentioning no names! Would never let you forget it :rolleyes: I wonder if we ought to start a campaign to convert a proportion of our motorways to autobahns. As well as some of the best driver's roads in...
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    Should I do this?????

    You've probably seen these YT vids about the 8:32 already. Just in case you haven't; 8:32 review by Davide Cironi (Eng subs) and the 'British version' by Harry Metcalfe :cool: 8:32 review on Harry's Garage If you can't do the work yourself and you have the money to throw at this, why not. At the...
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    Stuff you've found on TV worth watching

    Bosch - Amazon Prime (and certain 'other places') Apologies if this has been mentioned already. I haven't enjoyed much TV since The Wire. However, Bosch definitely scratches that itch. Below is the trailer for the latest season (6)
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    My Ghibli is going back ;-(

    Understand your reasons for leasing a diesel. But still. Maserati? Diesel? Computah says noooooo.
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    Thanks for accepting me into the forum

    Welcome and great to hear that you've had the electrical issues solved reasonably inexpensively. The only similar problems that I ever had with my own car, which is a fair bit older than yours, were also electrical. But, after almost having a cardiac 'event' when I first turned the key and the...
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    Hi Gents, newbie from Kent and some advice needed.

    Hi OP Beautiful car. A quiet Maserati though. Does not compute ;) Before you start paying out massive amounts more money, I would go back to the dealer. The Consumer Rights Act 2015 is quite explicit on dealer car sales. (dealer/trader/etc) The Consumer Rights Act 2015 gives you the right to...
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    I just wanted to say hello from the US and ask for some help in buying my first Maserati GranSport (2006)

    That GT is gorgeous. IMO a Maserati ought to be somewhat understated. The engine makes a glorious sound. It's a piece of art to look at. So it doesn't have to scream look at me, with crazy wheels or a fluorescent wrap. Or weird custom made body panels or rear wings. I'm convinced that...
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    I just wanted to say hello from the US and ask for some help in buying my first Maserati GranSport (2006)

    "The dealer said they all make that noise." Did he manage to say that line with a straight face? Reminds me of Monty Python's parrot sketch. If you can record the start up on your cell and post it here, someone will be able to make an informed comment. Somebody else did this last...
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    I just wanted to say hello from the US and ask for some help in buying my first Maserati GranSport (2006)

    Simples. Drive both yourself. And give them the beans / floor them / drive them the way they're meant to be driven. As if you stole them ;) Of the two cars you're looking at, I've only owned the GT. However, the engine loves to rev and in my experience, the car has few vices. CarFax will not...
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    Someone bought the 2009 QPV for £11k on auction

    QPs never appealed to me. Plus, never needed the four doors. Not commenting on the car itself. However, I do like the colour combination. I think the tinted windows contrast very well with the silver (?) body colour and vice versa. If you want to annoy the guys at the first tee at the golf club...