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  1. Vampyrebat


    Taken about 6 months ago with my sh!t works Android phone, Hoylake boat lake at dusk.
  2. Vampyrebat

    Pic of the day

    Me too 'Raptor Boy'....... 3rd on my list after the GT40 and then the 250LM!!
  3. Vampyrebat

    Pic of the day

    Nuff said!
  4. Vampyrebat

    Looks like my old GS Spyder is up for sale.

    That looks fab in RM..........Were there really only 3 UK RHD cars??
  5. Vampyrebat

    Gransport as a daily driver? - Discuss.

    It is!..............I used mine as a daily for over 3 years for a 4 mile trip into work on roads that were 40 and 30 mph and it had no problem with it at all. Every now-and-again I would take it up the motorway to blow away the cobwebs just to be on the safe side.
  6. Vampyrebat

    Mercedes C250 AMG Sports Plus (2013)

    That looks very nice! Isn't that quite a rare thing now, a Merc with a manual box??...........GLWS Andy
  7. Vampyrebat


    Today, I shall be going mostly 'Goth'!!
  8. Vampyrebat

    The Outdoor cooking/BBQ/Smoking thread

    Haven't you got a closer supermarket to get your milk??!! :wink:
  9. Vampyrebat

    2020 weight loss and fitness accountability club

    As Phil says 'Pinkies' crossed for you Wattie.............I do think your making the right decision and going about it the right way...
  10. Vampyrebat

    Importing a Car from the US

    I hope your right Stu as I know you can get rear window kits to make your car look like an oval or a split (but the purist would be able to tell a mile off) looking at the thickness of the door and window surrounds it is certainly no younger than a 64 though! It has a one piece front end and a...
  11. Vampyrebat

    How to sell a car with coronavirus?

    Same with wind deflectors for Audi S4 Cabriolets................BTW, I have a brand new one in it's boot storage bag if anyone wants one!! ;)
  12. Vampyrebat

    Importing a Car from the US

    Looks like it's in good professional hands! I see they have an Oval on the lift. But what a waste of a split back window rag top!! If your going to turn a bug into a drag car then use a later bug, not a super rare early 50's example!!
  13. Vampyrebat

    Looking for a Manual 4200GT

    I must admit it sounded too good to be true as I originally thought there were approx 15 UK face-lift GT's (not including Spyders)!!.............Does anyone know the cost difference (when purchased new) between the CC and the GT, I assume that the CC would have been the more expensive out of the...
  14. Vampyrebat

    How to sell a car with coronavirus?

    Phil, am I right in assuming yours is a GT and not a CC? What's your mileage/SH/condition?
  15. Vampyrebat

    Headlight Refurb

    Well done!.........they look great, are you going to treat them to some kind of protective seal?
  16. Vampyrebat

    What ya listening to now ???

    Yeh...........Didn't see that coming! Hope he gets through what ever it is...
  17. Vampyrebat

    Are you worried yet.

    I give up!.................Where's Wally??!!
  18. Vampyrebat

    F1 Qualifying.

    Maybe Kimi will retire. Into a bottle of Whisky!!
  19. Vampyrebat

    Pic of the day

    The 4 boyz of the house hold chillin' whilst watching the F1 highlights!
  20. Vampyrebat

    My Ghibli is going back ;-(

    Can we see photos of your 4200 GT then??!!