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    Manual Maserati 228 anyone?

    Would anyone be interested in one of the engines converted by Trident motorsport? I have one, PM me if interested.
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    Brake Discs, again!

    Can you add me to the list for front and rear for a 3200. Regards
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    1989 Biturbo breaking with trident motorsport injection

    Breaking my abandoned project, complete car already stripped, bent chassis. Plus loads of extra parts. Drop me a message if anyone wants anything.
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    It is away with an auto electrician at the moment getting to the bit of numerous lights that are on
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    Good morning, Just a quick introduction, I am new to the Maserati world and thought this is probably the best place to be. I have just started a project to restore a 1989 Biturbo back to its former glory, as I had got to removing the rear subframe I I noticed that the chassis was bent, lols...