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    GT - To finance or buy?

    Hi All I am after some advice if possible? I recently bought a 2017 Ghibli. My brother has always loved the GT and seeing my ghibli this has given him the prod to take the plunge. He wants to have the experience of owning the GT for what will probably be a year (before kids etc) his situation...
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    Ghibli Grill Mod

    Hey guys im loving by new 2017 ghibli and thought I’d share a quick mod I completed - I added chrome trim to the grill and I’m pretty pleased with the result - it won’t be to everyone’s taste but in my opinion it brings the car closer to the 2020 faceflift. cheers
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    Ghibli battery question

    Hey guys - apologies for being a dunce but I picked up a 2017 facelift ghibli last week and am trying to locate the battery. I have a ctek trickle charger I want to use but can’t seem to find it ! Also do you know if the 9v plug in the boot is permanently live as I have a cigarette lighter...
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    Yet another newbie...

    Hi All So today I picked up My 2017 Ghibli! Cannot tell you how excited I have been !! It’s a beauty in blu emozione and I’m in love!!! Unfortunately I don’t have a garage so need to buy a cover for it - does anyone have any recommendations?